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Moving Companies in Houston, Texas

moving companies houston

Key Takeaways:

  • Houston, a city of over 2.3 million, offers varied moving needs across its diverse areas.
  • Moving costs range from $300 to $1,500 for local moves and start from $2,000 for long-distance moves, varying by distance, items moved, and additional services.
  • The top 10 moving companies in Houston are highlighted for their trustworthiness and quality of service.

“Moving Companies in Houston, Texas” is something many people in Houston, a big city with over 2.3 million people, are looking for. Houston has lots of different areas, each with its own moving needs. Whether you’re going to a new place in a busy part of the city, a quiet suburb, or an old neighborhood, finding a good moving company is vital for an easy move.

This guide discusses how much moving can cost in Houston and your different options. We will also tell you about the top 10 moving companies. These companies are known for being trustworthy and good at what they do. We aim to make your move to Houston as easy as possible.

Let’s start our journey to find the best moving company for you in Houston, a constantly changing city for the entirety of our lives.

Average Cost of Houston, Texas Moving Companies

In Houston, moving costs can vary:

  • Local Moves: Typically between $300 to $1,500. You’ll usually pay around $100 per hour for a moving crew and a rental truck.
  • Long-Distance Moves: These can start from $2,000 and go up, depending on how far you’re moving and how much stuff you have.

Prices change based on several things:

  • Distance: Moving further costs more.
  • How Much You’re Moving: More or heavier items mean higher costs.
  • Professional Packing Services: Having the movers pack for you will add to the cost.
  • Access: Hard-to-reach places can increase the price.
  • Time of Year: Busy times like weekends and summer can be pricier.
  • Extra Services: Things like storage or special care for fragile items also cost more.

It’s best to compare accurate quotes from a few different companies to find the best price and service for your needs.

moving companies houston tx

Best 10 Best Moving Companies in Houston, Texas

1. 3 Men Movers Houston

3 Men Movers Houston is a well-known moving company. They are famous for doing their job well and being very professional movers. It has been helping people move to Houston for a long time. They are known for being dependable and reasonable with customers. They help with moving homes and businesses.


  • Residential Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Packing Services
  • Storage Solutions
  • Long-Distance Moving


Experienced and Trained Staff

Comprehensive Service Range

✅Customer-Centric Approach

✅Flexible Scheduling


❌Higher side compared to some local competitors

2. All My Sons Moving & Storage

All My Sons Moving & Storage is a famous moving company in Houston. They mix old-fashioned good service with new, efficient ways of doing things. People often trust them to move because they care about what each person needs. They are good at paying attention to small details and ensuring their customer satisfaction. They can help with both small moves in the city and significant moves to far places.


  • Residential Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Storage Facilities
  • Long-Distance Moving


Experienced Team

Customizable Services

✅Customer Focus

✅Comprehensive Solutions



❌It may be higher than some local competitors

3. Student Movers

Student Movers in Houston is known for good, low-cost moving services. They are good at helping with smaller moves, perfect for students or people who only have a little stuff. Their team is energetic and friendly, always looking to enable moving things without spending too much money. Even though they are called Student Movers, they don’t just help students. They also help families and small business move.


  • Local Moving
  • Professional Packing Services
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Furniture Assembly and Disassembly
  • Storage Solutions



Youthful and Energetic Team

✅Flexible Scheduling

✅Personalized Service

✅Wide Service Range


❌This may not be the best choice for very large or complex relocations

4. H-Town Movers Houston Moving Company

H-Town Movers is a moving company in Houston known for its friendly and quick service. They help people move homes and offices around Houston. Their team is good at what they do and ensures your things are safe. They are a great choice if you need to move fast and want someone reliable.


  • Home Moving
  • Office Moving: 
  • Packing Help
  • Safe Moving
  • Furniture Moving


Fast and Reliable

Good Team

✅Careful with Stuff

✅Flexible Times

✅Suitable for All Sizes of Moves


❌Sometimes, they might be really busy

5. Pinpoint Movers Houston

Pinpoint Movers in Houston is a moving company that’s good at making sure your move goes smoothly. They help people move their homes or offices and are known for being careful and friendly. Whether you have a lot of things or just a few, they can help. They’re great for people who want a stress-free move because they pay attention to every detail.


  • Moving Homes
  • Office Moves
  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Setting Up Furniture



Friendly Movers

✅Suitable for Any Size Move

✅Packing and Unpacking

✅Furniture Help


❌It might be a bit more expensive than some other movers

6. Square Cow Movers

Square Cow Movers is a moving company in Houston that many people like. They are known for being friendly and doing a great job. They help move houses and offices and are careful with your things. People choose them for a smooth move without worries.


  • Home Moving
  • Office Relocation
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Long-Distance Moves
  • Storage Services


Friendly Service

Be careful with items

✅Suitable for Different Moves

✅Packing Help

✅Storage Option


❌They might be more expensive than some other movers

7. Einstein Moving Company

Einstein Moving Company in Houston is known for smart and reliable moving services. They are good at moving homes and offices and ensure your things are moved safely. People like them because they are friendly and work hard to make your move easy.


  • House Moves
  • Office Moves
  • Packing Services
  • Unpacking Services
  • Storage Options


Smart Moving Solutions

Friendly Team

✅Careful with Belongings

✅Help with Packing and Unpacking

✅Storage Units Help


❌Sometimes, they might be very busy

8. The Right Movers

The Right Movers in Houston are known for their excellent moving services. They help people move homes and offices. Their team is careful and works fast, ensuring your move goes well. People choose them because they are reliable and make moving less stressful.


  • Home Moving
  • Office Relocation
  • Packing Services
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Furniture Assembly


Quick and Efficient

Reliable Service

✅Careful with Items

✅Packing Help

✅Furniture Setup


❌They might be booked up at busy times

9. Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck is a well-known moving company in Houston. They are good at moving homes and offices. People like them because they are friendly and work hard. They are excellent for driving big things like furniture and long moves.


  • Home Moving
  • Office Moves
  • Long-Distance Moving
  • Packing and Unpacking


Experienced Movers

Suitable for Big Items

✅Friendly Team

✅Long Moves

✅Packing Services


❌Some services could be more expensive

10. Houston Affordable Movers

Houston Affordable Movers is a moving company in Houston known for its budget-friendly and excellent services. They help with home and office moves. People like them because they are affordable and do a good job. They are an excellent choice for saving money on your move.


  • Home Moves
  • Office Moves
  • Packing Assistance
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Local Moves



Exceptional Service

✅Packing Help

✅Be careful with items

✅Local Moves


❌Might be busy at certain times

About Top Rated Moving Companies Houston, TX

  • People: Houston is the fourth-largest city in the U.S., with over 2.3 million residents.
  • Work: It’s known for energy, healthcare, and technology jobs.
  • Health: The Texas Medical Center is massive for doctors and hospitals.
  • People Mix: Lots of different types of people live here.
  • Museums: There are more than 20 museums to visit.
  • Sports: We have teams for baseball, basketball, and football.
  • Weather: It’s hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter.
  • Jobs: Many different kinds of jobs are available here.
cheap moving companies in houston tx

Moving Companies Houston: Top Attractions

Indeed, here are some of the top attractions in Houston:

  1. Space Center Houston: Explore the wonders of space at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. It’s an educational and exciting experience for all ages, with exhibits on space exploration, astronaut encounters, and historic mission control.
  2. Houston Museum of Natural Science: This museum offers a fascinating journey through the natural world. You can encounter dinosaur fossils, explore the mysteries of ancient Egypt, and gaze at the stars in the planetarium.
  3. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: Art enthusiasts will appreciate this museum’s extensive collection of artworks from various cultures and periods. It’s a cultural gem with impressive paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts.
  4. Houston Zoo: Home to over 6,000 animals worldwide, the Houston Zoo provides families with a fun and educational experience. You can see lions, elephants, and even a gorilla habitat.
  5. Buffalo Bayou Park: Enjoy outdoor activities in this beautiful urban park. You can hike, bike, or paddle along the bayou, visit the vibrant gardens, and admire public art installations.
  6. The Menil Collection: This art museum houses a diverse art collection, including pieces by renowned artists like Picasso and Warhol. The museum is set in a serene environment with beautiful architecture.
  7. Downtown Aquarium: A fun family attraction, the downtown aquarium combines marine life exhibits with amusement park rides. You can dine in an underwater restaurant and see a variety of aquatic creatures.
  8. Discovery Green: This urban park hosts events, concerts, and recreational activities. It’s an excellent place for picnics, relaxation, and enjoying the outdoors in the city’s heart.
  9. Houston Museum of Natural Science: This museum is home to fascinating exhibits on paleontology, gemology, and space exploration. It’s a great place for kids and adults to learn and explore.
  10. Miller Outdoor Theatre: Enjoy free outdoor performances at this iconic venue. From Shakespearean plays to musical concerts, something entertaining always happens here.

What Makes Us Special Among Other Movers and Packers in Houston, TX?

  • We have the best prices.
  • We give good advice.
  • Our movers are licensed.
  • We offer free estimates.
  • We handle all types of moves: home, office, and more.

We’re here to make your move easy and affordable!

How to Prepare for a Move in Houston

Here’s how to prepare for a move in Houston, in simple steps:

  1. Make a List: Write down what you need to move and what to leave behind.
  2. Get Boxes: Collect boxes for packing; you can ask at stores for free boxes.
  3. Pack Early: Start packing room by room a few weeks before your move.
  4. Label Boxes: Label boxes with the room they belong to and what’s inside.
  5. Hire Expert Movers: If needed, hire movers in advance to secure your moving date.
  6. Change Address: Update your address with the post office, banks, and subscriptions.
  7. Utilities: Transfer or disconnect utilities like water, electricity, and internet.
  8. Pack Essentials: Pack a bag with essentials for the first day in your new home.
  9. Final Check: Double-check everything before leaving your old place.
  10. Relax: Moving can be tiring, so take breaks and stay hydrated.

These easy steps will help you get ready for your move to Houston.

Why Hire a Professional Moving Company in Houston, TX? 

Here’s why you should hire a professional moving service in Houston, in simple terms:

  1. Experience: They know how to handle your stuff safely.
  2. Efficiency: They work fast and save you time.
  3. Equipment: They have the right tools for the job.
  4. Insurance: Your things are protected if something goes wrong.
  5. Stress-Free: They do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.
  6. Reliability: You can count on them to show up on moving day.
  7. No Heavy Lifting: You avoid the risk of injuries.
  8. Storage Options: They can store your stuff if needed.

How Do I Find a Reputable Houston Mover?

Hiring pros makes moving to Houston easier and safer for you. Here’s how to find a good moving company in Houston in simple steps:

  1. Ask Friends: Start by asking friends or family for recommendations.
  2. Read Reviews: Look for online reviews and ratings of movers in Houston.
  3. Check Credentials: Make sure they have proper licenses and insurance.
  4. Get Quotes: Get quotes from multiple movers to compare prices.
  5. Visit Their Office: Visit the mover’s office in person.
  6. Ask Questions: Be bold and ask questions about their services.
  7. Check Complaints: See if there are any complaints against them.
  8. Get a Contract: Always get a written contract before hiring.

You can find a reliable mover in Houston by following these easy steps.

Avoiding Moving Scams From Bad Moving Companies

To avoid scams from bad moving companies, follow these simple tips:

  1. Research: Look up the moving company online and read reviews.
  2. Verify Credentials: Check if they have the proper licenses and insurance.
  3. Get Written Estimates: Avoid companies that give estimates over the phone.
  4. Visit Their Office: If possible, visit their physical office to ensure legitimacy.
  5. Beware of Low Prices: If the quote seems too good to be true, it might be a scam.
  6. Watch for Red Flags: Be cautious of companies demanding large deposits or cash-only payments.
  7. Read the Contract: Carefully read and understand the contract before signing.
  8. Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask questions and clarify any doubts.

Following these easy steps can protect you from moving scams in Houston.

Tips for a Smooth Move in Houston

Here are some simple tips for a smooth move in Houston:

  1. Plan Ahead: Start packing and organizing well before moving day.
  2. Pack Smart: Use sturdy boxes and label them clearly.
  3. Hire Movers Early: Book your moving company in advance.
  4. Notify Important Contacts: Let friends, family, and companies know your new address.
  5. Prepare for Weather: Houston weather can be unpredictable, so be ready for rain or heat.
  6. Stay Hydrated: Keep water handy, especially during hot days.
  7. Take Breaks: Don’t overexert yourself; take breaks to rest.
  8. Have Essentials: Pack a bag with essentials like clothes, toiletries, and important documents.
  9. Secure Valuables: Keep important items and documents safe.
  10. Inspect the New Place: Check your new home for any issues before moving in.

These easy tips will help make your move in Houston smoother and less stressful.

moving company houston tx

FAQs for Moving Companies Houston

Q1: How much do movers in Houston cost?

The actual cost varies, but get quotes to compare prices.

Q2: When should I book a moving company?

Book as early as possible to secure your preferred date.

Q3: How long does a move in Houston usually take?

It depends on the distance and size of the move.

Q4: Can I pack my belongings?

Yes, you can pack yourself or hire the movers for packing.

Q5: Do I need insurance for my move?

It’s a good idea to have insurance for added protection.

Q6: What if I need to change my moving date?

Contact the moving company as soon as possible to reschedule.

Q7: How do I handle fragile items during the move?

Pack fragile items carefully and label the boxes.

Q8: Can I tip the movers?

Tipping is appreciated for good service.

Q9: What if my new home is not ready on moving day?

Discuss options with your moving company for storage or delay.

Q10: How do I file a complaint against a moving company?

Contact the Better Business Bureau or the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

When moving to Houston, Texas, finding the right moving company is essential for a smooth and stress-free experience. With over 2.3 million people in this vibrant city, choosing a reliable mover can make all the difference. From affordable options like Student Movers to well-established companies like 3 Men Movers and All My Sons Moving & Storage, there are choices to fit various needs and budgets.

Remember to plan, research your options, and be cautious to avoid moving scams. Whether relocating to a high-rise in downtown Houston or a suburban home in The Woodlands, these tips and insights will help you navigate this dynamic city’s bustling streets and quiet corners.

So, for your next move to Houston, trust the expertise of moving companies in Houston, Texas, and enjoy a seamless transition to your new home.

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