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1. What are moving quotes?

Moving quotes are price estimates given to a customer wanting an approximation of cost to move home, apartment, storage unit, or office. You can receive a moving estimate over the phone or get an instant online moving quote by supplying basic information.

2. How are moving quotes prices determined?

Several factors determine your moving estimate. The moving company will ask questions such as: Do you live in a home or apartment? Do you have stairs or elevator access? How many rooms of furniture will you be moving? Will you do the majority of the packing, or would you like the mover to handle that? Are you moving long distance or just local? After answering such questions, (these are just examples), movers will explain how they charge either by weight or by cubic feet. Local moves (less than 100 miles apart) are often charged an hourly rate.

3. Where will my information go? How fast will I get my moving quotes?

After your information is received, it is sent to professional and licensed movers in your area. You will then get a call from at least three movers giving you moving quotes that you can compare. The first call may come within minutes; others within 24-48 hours.

4. How many moving quotes should I expect?

You should receive between three and eight moving quotes, depending on location.

5. What happens if a mover doesn’t call within 48 hours?

This is a rare occurrence, but it does happen. If no mover calls within 48 hours, it may mean there is no moving company from our network within your area yet. We apologize.

6. I am only moving a sofa. Can I still obtain moving quotes?

You can still obtain moving quotes, but most movers will impose a minimum charge, which might seem high when moving only 1-2 items.

7. Is there any obligation when obtaining moving quotes?

The answer is NO. There is absolutely no obligation. The moving quotes are FREE and easy, and your information is always safe, secure, and confidential. We value our customers’ privacy.

8. Will you be recommending a specific mover?

We do not recommend any specific mover, but all movers in our network are pre-screened and are licensed, bonded, and insured.

9. What makes different from other websites? was created by two former movers who know the ins and outs of moving—and what consumers truly want and need. They learned the business through hands-on experience serving customers. They know exactly how stressful it can be to find the right movers, and they created this website to assist in connecting you with the best moving companies for each situation and budget.


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