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Assuming that you presently reside in a major Texas city like Dallas, Houston, or Austin, your move to DC will be career-related. Below are some of the main differences:


Cost of Living

Everything in DC costs more – food, housing, and transportation. However, most basic level jobs don’t pay that well, especially in politics and nonprofits.


Texas to Washington


Everyone who moves to DC is highly ambitious and not just wants to improve the globe, but moreover, wants to be known as the individual who made a notable difference.

24/7 work. Work/life balance is not so prioritized in DC. It’s generally the unspoken expectation that employees will continue to work more than 40 times weekly, and employees tend to be expected to be accessible via Blackberry when not in the workplace.

You will face a lot more people who visited “elite” colleges, and where you visited school is a lot more prioritized in DC than in Texas.



Lots of people have said that DC traffic is worse than in Texas, in which urban sprawl is more pronounced. I don’t believe those people have influenced in Houston or Austin just lately.

Having the ability to take Metro to work is (sometimes) nice, and having the ability to walk to cafes and bars in town is wonderful. You might find, though, that you skip the ease of having the ability to drive to where you want to go, just park and become there, especially places like restaurants and the supermarket. DC parking is a problem. If you cannot parallel the area, learn.



There is a wide range of people on the globe who don’t really value politics! This isn’t the situation in DC. Also, just about everybody in DC knows a lot more about the machine and the players.



DC is a lot more dressed-up than any part of Texas, even Dallas. The style is very conventional and preppy. Think about Vineyard Vines and Brooks Brothers. If you are in the behavior of using collarless shirts out of our home, stop. When you have any colored (apart from white and light blue) dress t-shirts, throw them away.


Class Awareness

Texans love using money and the items it can purchase to keep score. DC individuals love money too, but they’re a lot more concerned about effect and access. In Texas, we love a self-made man. In DC, people tend to be concerned about the type of family you originated from, having attended the “right” kind of university, etc.

It’s also more prevalent in DC for teenagers employed in politics or nonprofits to truly have a trust fund or allowance from daddy and don’t fall victim to the enticement to “continue” with those who do.


Grocery Shopping

You will discover food markets, but parking is often cramped, underground, and a huge pain (and may potentially bring about an insurance lay claim if you are not careful). There is certainly nothing that comes even close to a Texas chain like HEB in conditions of low prices and selection. Produce is normally more costly and of poorer quality.

Last but not least, in DC, you will discover there are a great number of young, single professionals – a lot more than in Texas. Being back in Texas, you will be surprised knowing how much old everyone is, typically, and just how many more folks have kids.


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Main Cities in Washington

Name County Land Area
Seattle King County 217,197,934
Spokane Spokane County 178,105,203
Tacoma Pierce County 128,752,605
Vancouver Clark County 126,727,340
Bellevue King County 86,660,481
Kent King County 87,372,857
Everett Snohomish County 86,113,409
Renton King County 60,724,465
Spokane Valley Spokane County 97,707,778
Federal Way King County 57,554,805

Cheap Moving Companies from Texas to Washington

Not all movers operate from Texas to Washington in the US. From the list of moving companies in our database, we have sorted out the moving companies that provide moving services from Texas to Washington. To get moving quotes from the top rated moving companies from Texas to Washington just fill out the form on top of this page. We will reach out to you within 60 seconds.

Name Address
Direct Relocation Services LLC 4598 N Hiatus Rd, Sunrise
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33351
Whitaker and Sons 50 Locust Ave
Danbury, CT 06810
Finest Movers Inc 16850-112 Collins Ave. Suite 181
Sunny Isles, FL 33160
Accurate Express Movers 641 South Pickett
Alexandria, VA 22304
Gateway Moving and Storage 12747 Olive Blvd., Ste. 300
Saint Louis, MO 63141
Alliance Movers Inc. 1658 Milwaukee Ave., #100-4754
Chicago, IL 60647

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