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California to New York Moving Companies Recommended

Best movers NYC have not gained recognition over the last few years for nothing. Moving to this city is an indispensable step towards making a dream come true for many youngsters. This city has been the center of all hip and happening things for ages. People move here from all corners of the country in order to shape their lives in a new light.


Along with a number of proficient educational institutions and employment opportunities, New York City also offers multiple well-known tourist attraction spots. You can marvel at the tall structure of the Empire State Building or take a walk around the bustling Central Park.


Even though the city of New York itself brings a lot of fun opportunities for its inhabitants, moving to NYC is whole another story. The whole process might seem exhausting for you but let us try to make it a little easier. Follow the few handy tips below to incorporate into your moving plans. They are not given in a particular sequence so you can arrange them according to your convenience. This will help you to find the best movers NYC.


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Tips for Moving to New York and Hiring the Best Movers NYC


Change Mailing Address

It is imperative that every person or entity that needs to contact you for notifying about significant developments, receives your new mailing address. It could be a workplace notice, a utility bill or some similar notification necessary to keep you updated.


So the first logical step would be to complete the official process of changing the mail address. US citizens can do so either by visiting the USPS website or requesting a Mover’s Guide packet from your local post office.


The first method is much faster to get on with since it takes place online. The USPS personnel will send you an email immediately to confirm the successful mail address update. And the best part is, all these will cost you only a dollar! This amount will be cut from your debit card or credit card required during the process.


On the other hand, the local post office comes with a PS form 3575. You will need to fill it up and drop it in a letterbox of the post office. They will confirm the change with a reply letter within five business days. Best movers NYC may also help you change your address.


Alert Service Entities

Make a call to the various service providers and other relevant entities to let them know about your shift. It includes the utility people like your cable operator and water supplier to terminate their services on the exact moving date. Such entities also include your credit card company, personal doctor, bank, student loans and the HR of your office.

Alert them all on the address update so that none of those crucial letters or notices fail to reach you on time. You may also get help from the best movers NYC.


New Job Confirmation

It is a really smart move to land a job in your destination area if you haven’t already. Of course, it is exciting to look for jobs after you have got used to the new place. However, adventures like that are better left to fictional setups. In reality, confirming a job around the area of your new apartment would bring you much better financial stability. It can also kickstart a thrilling new chapter of your career.


Wi-Fi Installation

Who can live without the internet in this day and age? Wouldn’t you love to post the moving updates and pictures of your brand new apartment on Facebook? So make sure your new home has the basic internet utilities from the very first day.


Contact the internet provider of that area or of that particular building to equip your place with all the necessary arrangements. Pick the best possible internet pack according to your needs and budget constraints. Write down the SSID, password and all other necessary information for using the network. This will enable you to enjoy Wi-Fi as soon as you get comfortable in your home.


You can also ask the best movers NYC to get a list of the best internet service providers in the locality.


Measure Doors and Spaces

Although New York can be the place for rich and famous people, it is also full of ultra-small apartments. If your new home is a little low on space, make sure the furniture pieces from your previous apartment can get through its doors smoothly.


One way to confirm this is by taking measurements of the doors long before the exact moving day. Compare those measurements with your big interior pieces like sofa and wardrobe. If those pieces are too large to pass through those doors, you may have to sell them and buy new ones which fit the apartment.


There is absolutely no benefit to carrying luggage all this way just to find out they need to be discarded. The best movers NYC may give an estimate including all these measurement related tasks.


Discard Unused Materials

We know how hard it is to let go of things you have held dear for many years. However, discarding materials does not mean you have to leave those behind everything you don’t usually use. Just pick the ones which you have not used in the past six months. That will clearly show you which objects are literally just taking up space and not getting you anything in return.


Instead of selling them, you can also donate them to various charities you believe in. This will let the underprivileged people benefit from those quality objects which could otherwise be rendered worthless. Spread some happiness among strangers before restarting your life! The best movers NYC also can help you with information regarding give away.


Secure Packing Materials

You will need a lot of boxes to pack your belongings while moving to the new place. One way to secure sturdy and fresh boxes is to contact a company which specializes in delivering them.


If you didn’t know already, there are many established companies at present whose business is based on bringing you new boxes. You can either buy them or rent the reusable ones for the moving day only. Such budget flexibility is also one of its many perks. Sometimes, the best movers NYC provides boxes in addition to the moving services.


Some entities also sell multiple plastic bins as a set. These bins are definitely much more sturdy in structure than the usual cardboard boxes. They will drop off these bins at your previous place and then pick them up from your new abode after 2-4 weeks have passed since your shift.


If you are running low on budget, then you can also procure the boxes for free from a local shop which receives product deliveries on a regular basis. They usually have a lot of boxes to spare. There is also a free section on Craigslist which allows collecting such boxes. However, they will not be sturdy enough to hold in all your objects.


Take the New Keys on Time

Make sure to ask for the keys to your new apartment from the landlord prior to your moving date. Having the key at your disposal will make it easier for moving the furniture pieces over a period of time.


You can move some of the objects yourself or with the help of a friend through a cab or even subway. Taking this step will minimize the load of work on the actual moving day. Thus you can save some extra money while hiring from the best movers NYC.


Separate Services for Small and Big Objects

You can cut down on the hassle by separating the mechanisms for moving small and big objects. Use services like Zipcar to move compact items and services like U-Haul for moving bigger ones.  It can make the whole moving process a lot more convenient and less time-consuming. Keep in mind that moving the big stuff might require passing a truck around your area.

So make sure your new apartment road has enough room for it.


A/C installation

This is especially applicable for moving during the summer. You would NOT love it when you need to pack or unpack the belongings covered in sweat. That is why complete the process of installing an air conditioner before the moving day. Neither you nor the movers will need to take a shower in their own sweat and will feel much more comfortable doing the job.


Truck-watch Person

You can’t trust anyone these days (except the movers’ team, of course). Prevent any undesirable situation of losing an item to the petty thieves by keeping someone on truck-watch. Assigning such a person will also save you from being the target of a double-parking ticket. The same rules apply to vans as well.



You may not have heard its name before. Apart from the best movers NYC, TaskRabbit is a digital platform which enables its customers to perform various home-based jobs without breaking a sweat. Along with different installation, assembly, repairment, and improvement tasks, they are also proficient in moving, packing and heavy lifting.


You can do a quick search here or contact the customer support based on what kind of moving assistance you need. Then they will find the best suitable movers from your location and appoint them accordingly. You can check out their hourly rates and previous customer reviews as well.


Man with a Van

If you don’t want to scratch your head and get into deeply complicated calculations about the moving costs from the best movers NYC, just hire a man with a van! These services typically do not include factors like the total distance covered, the square footage of your new apartment, the kind of items you need to move and presence of a stair or elevator in the new place.


They only need to know about your schedule and the size of trucks or vans you may need. Their flexible hours and affordable rates make a great addition to your moving adventure.


Hire experienced best movers NYC

To guarantee yourself an absolutely professional moving experience, hire the professional movers! They are trained to provide you the best of services and know the secrets to guarantee a successful move.


However, such level of expertise comes at a pretty high price. A safe place to start the budgeting would be $400 for moving to the buzzing New York City. If you are not sure about which best movers NYC to book, take a look below at all the potential candidates we have listed for you.


10 Best Movers NYC

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of NYC moving to find out which moving companies are bringing you the best offers for it! Here we have listed down the ten best movers NYC based on their popularity, reliability level, customer feedback, and offered services.


Intense Movers

Based in Brooklyn of NYC, Intense Movers is one of the most reliable and successful moving companies you can find in the city. They specialize in domestic moves and delivering pieces of furniture without a scratch.


You can depend on them for either a cross-country move involving shifting all your belongings or only for delivering one single furniture item. They offer very affordable price points for their service packages as well as safety and efficiency.


Man With A Van

Based in the 42nd street of New York themselves, Man With A Van offers various services as best movers NYC. These include furniture delivery, local apartment moves, and long-distance apartment moves. Especially, if you reside in or are planning a move to Brooklyn, Queens or Manhattan, they may be available to you even on the last minute.


The categories of furniture they can delivery aptly include couches, sectional sofas, loveseats, exercise equipment, dressers, wardrobes, dining tables, and armoire. You can hire them for official moves as well. They can assemble or disassemble Ikea furniture pieces efficiently.


One of their perks is eco-friendly transportation. They use clean-diesel vans, which help the atmosphere by emitting lower levels of carbon dioxide. If your new apartment or office includes stairs, they will not charge extra for it.


JP Urban Moving

JP Urban Moving aims at serving Brooklyn residents. Located in Saints Marks Avenue, you can contact them any time to assist in your moving experience. They offer commercial services, local moving, long distance moving, furniture moving (including piano) and assembly or disassembly of those items.


They will also help you pack and unpack the shifting items. Their prompt customer service responds within 40 minutes to help out the best movers NYC.


NYC Moves

This NYC moving company is located in the East Village of Alphabet City. They have gained the trust and satisfaction of many customers by their dedication. Their flat rate for moving also applies to any last minute change or task you may need. Such an honest effort truly leaves a lasting impression on the clients.


If this is your first time moving and you don’t have it all figured out, NYC Moves team can help you with it. They will lay down the necessary points to cover, the estimated moving distance and the estimated total time it will take. As a result, you will benefit from their expert guidance, along with their moving services.


Roadway Moving

Roadway Moving has one of the most efficient customer services among all NYC movers. They respond to queries within less than 10 minutes. They can help you with both local moving and long distance moving.


Other services offered by them include packing, unpacking, furniture moving (including piano), storage services and commercial services. Their pleasant, experienced and efficient staff makes moving a much easier experience for everybody.


Great Moving

Punctuality and affordability are the main plus points of Great Moving. It will let you know the moving estimations free of cost. However, don’t doubt the professionalism of the experienced movers because of the low price point. They can carry out multiple varieties of NYC moves including local residential, long distance and commercial.


In case something goes wrong during the moving process, they also offer you insurance to make up for it. Located in Long Island, they are open from 9 AM to 7 PM every day to simplify your moving routine.


Lift NYC Movers

Let these NYC Movers lift you out of all the moving issues. Their efficient customer support takes up queries within 10 minutes. You can ask them for providing storage services, commercial services, furniture assembly, and local moving. Being on time and ensuring effective communication easily makes them one of our top 10 choices for the best movers in NYC.


Solidarity Movers

Move in solidarity with these movers hailing from Brooklyn. They are open 24/7 which clearly depicts their dedication to serving their clients. This company handles the full moving experience from A to Z. Be it packing, crating, unpacking or furniture assembly, they will do all like a true professional.


Solidarity Movers can handle local moving, long distance moving, senior moving, and commercial services. In order to spread positivity, they also provide sliding scale rates to community and non-profit organizations of NYC. So let these skillful, kind souls help you take off the stress from moving.



MakeSpace provides commercial services, large storage units, and month-to-month rentals. Effective customer service and friendly attitude have placed them on our list. Even if you run into complications during your moving experience, they can resolve it fast with both knowledge and technical skills. Besides, they are also efficient in completing the whole moving process on time.


Katz Moving

Katz Moving can help you with either local moving or long distance moving. Let them take away the stress of moving large and heavy items like a piano to your new apartment. In addition to moving to personal apartments, they also provide commercial services and help the seniors to move without worries. Other services they offer include furniture assembly, packing, unpacking and crating.


Choose any of the above-mentioned NYC moving companies for a successful shift to the new home or office. It is going to be exhausting one way or the other, but their professional skills can make the process a lot easier on your part. We hope you have learned a bit about the secrets of conducting a smooth move as well. Click here for more moving tips.



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Moving from California to New York?
Best cities to move in from California to New York

NameCountyLand AreaWater AreaPopulationHouseholdsMedian Income
New York CityBronx County / Kings County / New York County / Queens County / Richmond County777,967,926434,656,8068,622,6983,142,405 USD 57,782.00
BuffaloErie County104,577,56731,344,708258,612110,636 USD 34,268.00
RochesterMonroe County92,634,7003,640,305208,04686,180 USD 32,347.00
YonkersWestchester County46,651,4565,916,224202,01974,413 USD 62,399.00
SyracuseOnondaga County64,826,2771,504,334143,39655,633 USD 34,716.00
AlbanyAlbany County55,433,1441,380,65498,25141,245 USD 43,790.00
New RochelleWestchester County26,807,0937,472,69579,94628,463 USD 77,320.00
Mount VernonWestchester County11,354,91344,57968,70325,101 USD 54,573.00
SchenectadySchenectady County27,951,489479,43065,62522,812 USD 43,174.00
UticaOneida County43,407,087662,07860,63523,475 USD 33,873.00
White PlainsWestchester County25,362,434303,05959,04722,069 USD 87,550.00
TroyRensselaer County26,825,7281,811,72649,56519,986 USD 40,911.00
Niagara FallsNiagara County36,482,6147,100,85948,46021,299 USD 33,965.00
BinghamtonBroome County27,141,2201,675,76045,17919,974 USD 31,103.00
Long BeachNassau County5,743,6894,342,65533,75014,467 USD 85,619.00
RomeOneida County193,870,1822,077,00032,47312,836 USD 45,570.00
IthacaTompkins County13,957,0631,766,77031,0069,869 USD 31,967.00
PoughkeepsieDutchess County13,321,9781,487,43730,61412,668 USD 40,840.00
North TonawandaNiagara County26,159,6852,077,52330,47513,667 USD 53,002.00
JamestownChautauqua County23,140,206330,57829,59112,788 USD 31,875.00

Cheap Moving Companies California to New York

Not all movers operate from California to New York. From the list of moving companies in our database, we have sorted out the moving companies that provide moving services from California to New York. To get moving quotes from the top rated moving companies California to New York just fill out the form on top of this page. We will reach out to you within 60 seconds.

California New York Express5795816
Top Moving Pro53146436
international movers network inc5
Roadway Moving51854436671325
Phoenix Van Lines53099489
Infinity Moving5985862423291
Inter Movers LLC5
Los Angeles Transfer and Storage51159748466131
American Choice Van Lines51732844634819
Thoughtful Movers5
Major Van Lines5
24/7 Moving & Storage5
Frontline Vanlines5
Progressive Relocation52325282793927
Lighthouse Vanlines51914057685852
Zip To Zip Moving529693639229
A&M Relocations5
First National Van Lines5309142071776
Stateway Van Lines5
Real Deal Moverz5
Rainier Overseas Movers5
Authorized Movers5
Trans World Van Lines INC5
Rick's Professional Moving Service5
Quality Express Van Lines53231424MC-0101322
Xtreme Movers52405388827521
Northern Moving Systems53202750
Integrity Van Lines and Storage5
Trinity Relocation Group53218709
Alliance Movers Inc.52398933824939
Gateway Moving and Storage5
Infinity Van Lines51443732545673
Finest Movers Inc51896009681911
Whitaker and Sons5
Direct Relocation Services LLC5300093124036
Moving of America51601312592337
Fine Express Inc42433141838918
Madison Vanlines42855704956161
The Moving Company Relocations Inc.42332359791016
SML Self Storage & Moving Logistics4
Oz Moving & Storage41058063439945
A One Van Lines42276259788514
GreenLine Moving LLC4
All Moving and Storage4293379193790
Map My Move4
Main Moving LLC431841759
Superior Moving Systems Inc42323030793003
International Sea & Air Shipping42052864718931
Titan Moving and Storage42910112980273
Victory Van Lines41775695
Systems Relocation 42580447
Eden's Moving Services Inc.41752778641757
US Van Lines Inc.41753607641674
Prisma Cargo Solutions4
White Glove Moving4648262308109
Plymouth Relocation Services4
TransAtlas Moving Services4
Expedia Van Lines42968619
Road Runner Moving and Storage42850350
Complete Moving Group4313269994026
Hire A Helper42248394739770
Earth Relocation4
Oxford Relocation 43109779
Unified Moving Services41305395506584
Irelocation System42917609984128
Coastal Moving and Storage4
Agility Van Lines42564711895410
24/7 Logistic Services 4300591926561
Gold Standard Relocation4312294188982
Monster Movers Massachusetts41385215530750
National Moving & Storage4
Interstate Relocation Systems4312581290446
Giant Xpress Moving & Storage42331743796081
Presto Logistics41691575621224
Olympus Moving and Storage41822329661258
Jet Relocation Inc4
American Standard Moving & Storage 43160735
We Move U42298837784945
Charter Van Lines Inc.42875673964891
Moving Forward America LLC43160973
Economic Moving Group42594394
Moving APT42247863731090
National Moving Group42461980842407
Global 1 Movers42161059742168
American Eagle Moving Company4303047339101
Official Van Lines42468122
National Relocation Van Lines4
One Way Van Lines4307881665466
Flagship Van Lines43096740
Patriot Moving Group43198609158009
Expert Movers Inc4
Trans Van Lines41496961562646
United Moving Services Inc.42572444892280
Long Distance Relocation Group Inc42909444
U Pack4
Pricing Van Lines42569749885193
United Movers Group42824496915391
Long Distance Van Lines42830899945902
Assurance Van Lines42790950895267
Simple Moving Labor4
Orion Van Lines42246262706507
Alpine Relocation3
Majestic Movers and Storage32272969776269
Hercules Moving Systems31685249619135
Spartan Van Lines32093720729779
Relocation R Us32580447903386
All You Can Move31837978666229
Summit Van Lines3924735399587
Blue Horizon Shipping3
CLS Moving & Storage32295461783806
Cardinal Moving Systems31463484552894
Federal Relocation Services32594746898358
Guardian Cargo Logistics3
Traditional Express Van Lines32373664814557
Straight Forward Moving32162917751585
BLVD Moving32892909971895
Supreme Moving and Storage32820018940221
Available Movers & Storage31323278510368
Excalibur Moving Group33054918
New Frontier Van Lines Inc3304319445783
Duntara Moving & Storage3866751380844
Preferred Relocation31129419460295
Flatrate Moving3488466254356
J&J Moore Nationwide Van Lines3307542863588
Bluebell Relocation Services32637359920051
Presidential Moving Services32897189973893
Americas Moving Services31627965597701
Old Country Van Lines32791639931261
Budget Van Lines32233611512534
Silver Star Movers3
Purple Heart Moving Group3300211324646
United Relocation LLC32944013996183
Amazon Relocation31915718686288
North Star Van Lines32926237987491
Moving Staffers3
Virgin Van Lines32357548807646
EZ Moving Van Lines Inc.32943148
Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage31135941460541
Beacon Moving and Storage32243424
Certified Relocations32088750728848
Public Moving Services3
Ideal Moving & Storage31664920612157
Prestige Worldwide Moving32569326897623
Apollo Relocation Services32575159888468
American Knights Moving31977907940017

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