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Ontrack Move Company Review: Costs, Services, and Reputation

on track move

Key Takeaway: 

  • Ontrack Moving Company offers reliable, comprehensive services for local to international relocations. 
  • Known for excellent customer service and thorough moving solutions, they provide packing, storage, and specialty item transport. 
  • Premium pricing and high demand require early booking.

When it comes to relocating, whether you’re moving across town or across the country, choosing the right moving company is crucial. Ontrack Moving Company stands out as a reliable partner in your moving journey. With a reputation for efficient service and customer satisfaction, Ontrack Move ensures that your belongings are safely transported to your new home. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Ontrack Moving Company, from services offered to customer reviews, pricing, and more.

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Importance of Choosing a Reliable Moving Company

Selecting a reliable moving company is paramount to ensuring that your belongings are handled with care and that your move proceeds without major disruptions. A trustworthy mover not only guarantees the safe transport of your possessions but also provides peace of mind throughout the often stressful process of moving. This review will help you determine if Ontrack Move Company meets the high standards required for such an important task.

Company Background of Ontrack Move Company

History of Ontrack Move Company

Founded in 2005, Ontrack Move Company has grown from a modest beginning with just two moving trucks to a major player in the moving industry. The company was established by a team of moving professionals who saw the need for more customer-focused moving services. Over the past 18 years, Ontrack has expanded its operations and now boasts a fleet of over 150 vehicles and employs approximately 400 staff members.

Locations Served

Initially serving only the local community in its hometown of Springfield, Illinois, Ontrack Move Company has broadened its horizons significantly. Today, it operates in over 20 states across the U.S., including major hubs like New York, California, and Florida. Their network is designed to handle interstate moves efficiently, reaching countless customers across the country.

Pros & cons of moving with Ontrack Moving

Moving with Ontrack Moving Company comes with its advantages and challenges. Here’s a straightforward look at the pros and cons to help you decide if they’re the right moving company for you:

Pros of Moving with Ontrack Moving

  • Punctual and reliable.
  • Comprehensive services including packing, moving, and unpacking.
  • Expert handling of delicate and valuable items.
  • Friendly and responsive customer service.
  • Secure storage options are available.

Cons of Moving with Ontrack Moving

  • ✓ Out-of-state mover
  • ✓ Full service mover
  • ✓ Cross country mover

93% of users select this mover

Philadelphia Movers

  • ✓ Apartment Movers
  • ✓ Labor-only Moving
  • ✓ Local Moving

91% of users select this mover

South Hills Movers

  • ✓ Residential Moving
  • ✓ Commercial Moving
  • ✓ Employee moving

88% of users select this mover

Ever Safe Moving

  • ✓ Packing Services
  • ✓ Unpacking process
  • ✓ Moving checklist

87% of users select this mover

Don Farr Moving

  • ✓ Shipping Services
  • ✓ Packing Supplies
  • ✓ Loading and Unloading

88% of users select this mover

How Much Does Ontrack Move Cost?

The cost of using Ontrack Moving Company depends on several factors, so the price can vary. Here are the main things that affect how much you’ll pay:

Distance of the Move: Local moves might cost between $500 and $1,500, while long-distance moves can range from $2,000 to $5,000 or more, depending on the actual distance.

Amount of Stuff: Smaller apartments may only cost around $500 to $1,200 to move locally, whereas larger homes could be $1,500 to $4,000, based on the volume and weight of items.

Services You Choose: Full packing services can increase the total cost by 25% to 30%. Specialty services for items like pianos or art may add several hundred dollars to the bill.

Time of Year: Moving costs can increase by up to 20% during peak seasons like late spring through early fall or at the end of the month when demand is higher.

Ontrack typically provides free estimates for prospective clients. By contacting them with details of your move, such as distance, amount of belongings, and required services, you can get a more specific idea of expected costs.

OnTrack Moving Company Offers a Wide Variety of Services

Ontrack Moving Company provides a wide range of services to cater to various moving needs. Here’s a brief overview:

Long-Distance Moving: For moves across state lines or to distant locations, Ontrack ensures secure and timely transport of your items.

Local Moving: Ontrack offers efficient local moving services for those relocating within the same city or region, making short-distance moves hassle-free.

Auto Shipping: If you need to transport your vehicle, Ontrack provides reliable auto shipping services to ensure your car arrives safely at your new location.

Packing and Unpacking Services: Professional packing services are available to protect your belongings during transit, with optional unpacking services at your new location.

Specialty Item Moving: Ontrack has the expertise to move delicate items such as antiques, pianos, and artworks, ensuring they are transported with extra care.

Storage Solutions: If you need temporary or long-term storage, Ontrack offers secure storage facilities to keep your items safe until you’re ready to move them into your new home or office.

These diverse offerings ensure that no matter your moving needs, Ontrack Moving Company has the capabilities to provide tailored solutions.

Customer Experience at Ontrack Move Company

Booking Process Review

Ontrack Move Company offers a streamlined booking process accessible either online or via a customer service hotline. The initial consultation and estimate are free, promoting a transparent and informative start.

Customer Service Effectiveness

Customer service at Ontrack is known for its responsiveness and effectiveness. With extensive training in handling various moving scenarios, their representatives ensure that customer inquiries and issues are addressed promptly.

Testimonials and Customer Feedback

Feedback for Ontrack is overwhelmingly positive:

  • Customers often commend the company for its professionalism and the careful handling of belongings.
  • Out of the few complaints, most are quickly resolved, reflecting Ontrack’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Ratings on Platforms like Yelp, Google, and BBB:

  • Yelp: 4.5 stars, praised for punctuality and efficiency.
  • Google: 4.7 stars from over 500 reviews, with frequent mentions of staff professionalism.
  • BBB: A+ rating, recognized for resolving complaints effectively.

OnTrack The Process of Moving

The process of moving with Ontrack Moving Company is designed to be straightforward and stress-free. Here’s a step-by-step look at how it typically goes:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Contact Ontrack: You start by reaching out to Ontrack, either through their website or over the phone.

Discuss Your Needs: Share details about your move, such as the date, locations, and the amount of stuff you’re moving.

Get an Estimate: Ontrack will provide a detailed estimate based on the information you provide, so you know what to expect cost-wise.

Step 2: Planning and Scheduling

Customize Services: Choose which services you need, like packing, unpacking, and storage.

Set a Date: Agree on a moving date that works for both you and Ontrack.

Confirm Details: Ontrack will confirm all the details and ensure everything is ready for your moving day.

Step 3: Packing and Preparation

Professional Packing: If you’ve chosen packing services, Ontrack’s team will carefully pack your belongings using high-quality materials.

Prep for Move Day: Ontrack ensures that everything is organized and ready to go, minimizing any last-minute issues.

Step 4: Moving Day

Loading: Ontrack’s crew will load your belongings onto their trucks, making sure everything is secure.

Transportation: They’ll transport your items to the new location, keeping you updated on the progress.

Unloading: At your new home or office, they will unload everything according to your directions.

Step 5: Unpacking and Settling In

Unpacking Services: If included, Ontrack will help unpack and set up your items in your new place.

Final Adjustments: Make any necessary adjustments or relocations within the space to ensure everything is just right.

Step 6: Post-Move Support

Address Concerns: If there are any issues or concerns after the move, Ontrack is available to help resolve them.

Feedback: You’ll likely be asked to provide feedback on your experience to help Ontrack continue to improve its services.

Moving with Ontrack is designed to remove the burden and hassle from your moving experience, making it as smooth and efficient as possible.

Ontrack Move: For Seamless Relocations

Ontrack Moving Company is an ideal choice for various types of customers who are looking for a reliable and comprehensive moving service. Here are some examples of people who might find Ontrack Moving perfect for their needs:

Those Who Value Reliability

On-Time Movers: If you need your move to happen on schedule without delays, Ontrack is known for its punctuality and reliability.

Busy Individuals and Families

Full-Service Convenience: People with busy schedules who need full-service moving, including packing and unpacking, will find Ontrack’s comprehensive offerings very helpful.

Long-Distance Movers

Cross-Country Relocations: Those moving to a different state or across the country will appreciate Ontrack’s expertise in managing long-distance moves efficiently.

Business Owners

Office Relocations: Business owners who need to relocate offices or commercial spaces can rely on Ontrack for quick and organized moving services to minimize downtime.

People with Special Items

Delicate and Valuable Items: If you have items like fine art, antiques, or high-end electronics, Ontrack’s experience with specialty items ensures they are handled with the utmost care.

Those Needing Storage Solutions

Short or Long-Term Storage: Anyone needing temporary or long-term storage during the moving process will benefit from Ontrack’s secure storage services.

Residents in Urban Areas

Navigating Busy Cities: People moving within or into busy urban areas will find Ontrack adept at navigating challenges like small spaces, limited parking, and high-rise buildings.

Ontrack Moving Company caters to a wide range of moving needs, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a stress-free and efficient moving experience.

Case Studies or Example Moves by Ontrack Move Company

Case Study 1: Residential Move from New York to California

Scenario: A family relocating from a large home in New York to California.

Challenges: The family had a tight timeline and needed to move delicate art pieces and a grand piano.

Resolution: Ontrack coordinated a detailed packing strategy using custom crates for the art and a climate-controlled unit for the piano. They also expedited the transport to meet the family’s timeline.

Outcome: The move was completed within the desired timeframe, and all items arrived in pristine condition. The family expressed high satisfaction with the care and efficiency provided.

Case Study 2: Commercial Office Relocation within Chicago

Scenario: A tech company needed to relocate its office to a larger space within Chicago.

Challenges: The move involved complex IT infrastructure and sensitive data equipment requiring careful handling and minimal downtime.

Resolution: Ontrack’s commercial moving team worked overnight and during weekends to dismantle, securely pack, transport, and set up the IT equipment in the new location.

Outcome: The company resumed full operations with no data loss or equipment damage within 48 hours post-move, leading to a highly satisfied corporate client.

Case Study 3: International Move from the U.S. to Germany

Scenario: A retired couple moving from the U.S. to Germany, involving multiple types of belongings including vehicles and pets.

Challenges: The complex logistics of international customs, pet relocation, and vehicle transport.

Resolution: Ontrack handled all regulatory paperwork, arranged for pet-friendly travel accommodations, and coordinated with an international shipping partner for the vehicles.

Outcome: The move was seamless, with all belongings, including the pets and vehicles, arriving safely. The couple praised Ontrack for its thorough and considerate handling of their international relocation needs.


Does Ontrack offer international moving services?

Yes, Ontrack provides international moving services, ensuring that even overseas relocations are handled with the same level of professionalism and care as domestic moves.

Can I get a moving quote online?

Yes, Ontrack allows you to request an initial estimate online. For a more detailed quote, they might recommend a follow-up consultation to assess your specific moving needs better.

What should I do if I have a last-minute move?

Contact Ontrack as soon as possible. They often accommodate last-minute requests depending on their schedule and the complexity of the move.

Are there items that Ontrack will not move?

Ontrack generally does not move hazardous materials, perishable foods, or personal items like cash and jewelry. It’s best to check with them directly for a complete list of items they do not transport.

How should I prepare for the movers’ arrival?

Ensure all items are packed unless you’ve arranged for packing services. Clear pathways in your home and reserve parking for the moving truck if necessary. Labeling boxes with their contents and destination room can also be very helpful.

Does Ontrack provide packing materials?

Yes, if you choose their packing services, Ontrack will provide all necessary packing materials to secure your belongings for the move safely.

How long does a typical move take with Ontrack?

The duration of a move depends on several factors, including the distance of the move, the amount of belongings, and specific services requested. Ontrack can provide a more accurate time estimate after discussing the details of your move.

What happens if something gets damaged during the move?

Ontrack offers insurance options to cover damages during the move. They also take extensive precautions to prevent damage, but in the rare case that something does happen, they will guide you through the process of filing a claim.