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Arizona Moving Companies: All You Need to Know

Are you and your family moving to Arizona for the very first time? If so, then consider yourself lucky! State 48 is one of the most beautiful in the entire USA.

It hosts wide open spaces, jaw-dropping landscapes, and some of the most unique scenery that you’ll find anywhere in the world. Not to mention that, depending on which city you live in, it can offer year-round sunny weather!

If you’re moving to Arizona, then there are several things that you will need to know. See below for an all-inclusive guide on Arizona moving companies, the state as a whole, and anything else you might need to know before the big move.

Why Arizona Is an Amazing Place to Live

As with any other state, Arizona has many amazing benefits and aspects that are unique to it. It’s important to prepare yourself for these things before you make the big move.

See below for several important aspects that you might be curious about Arizona and what makes it such a special place.


The most noticeable difference between Arizona and almost any other state is the geography. The state is entirely landlocked but is home to some of the most beautiful areas you’ll ever see.

Look no further than the infamous Grand Canyon located near Flagstaff, or the Valley of the Sun, home of the Greater Phoenix area.

It has a beautiful blend of deserts in both high and low elevation, breathtaking natural rocks all around it, and mountain ranges as far as the eye can see.


When many people think of Arizona, they think of vacations. They think of the “snowbirds”, which is a common expression for families that move south for the winter.

There are many reasons why that’s the case. Arizona has many hotspot destinations, such as MLB Spring Training from mid-February to the entire month of March.

As such, you can expect a higher rate of traffic on your morning commutes between November and March. Many people gravitate to AZ from both US states in the pacific northwest as well as Canadian providences such as Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan.

Education and Economy

Arizona’s average age of residency is younger than you might expect. This is due to the up-and-coming economy, as well as the amazing universities that call it home. Many college students fall in love with the area and pursue a career within the city of their college.

There are staple colleges throughout the state, such as the University of Arizona in Tuscon, Arizona State University in Tempe, and Grand Canyon University in Phoenix.

The economy in Arizona is thriving, as the cost of living isn’t as high as most people expect it to be. Both the average rent costs and mortgage costs fall below the U.S. average. Income tax also falls below the national average, hitting between 2.7% and 4.7%.

Family Safety

As far as family safety is concerned, many experts depict Arizona as a subpar state for raising children. Trusted news site ranked it 41st on their list of US states to raise a family due to a combination of child care, family-friendly activities, and cost of living.

However, cities such as Gilbert Arizona have received high praise for their family-friendliness. It’s among the safest cities in the state, having a lower fatality rate, crime rate, and property crime rate than the national average.

Professionals That Are Thriving in Arizona

Perhaps you’re moving to Arizona for your career. If so, then it’s helpful to know the most popular professions in the state.

A few paragraphs earlier, it was mentioned that Arizona has a high rate of retention for turning college kids into full-time Arizona residents. A huge factor of that is the demand for professions within the field that they studied.

Professions such as HVAC technicians, roofers, and construction workers will always be in high demand within the state. In the scorching-hot summer months, air-conditioning and roofing are a necessity for survival.

There’s also been a huge demand for medical professionals of all kinds. Due to the growth in population, there’s been a need for growing the availability of local hospitals and urgent care centers. If you’re in the medical field, you should have no problem finding a job.

Local Arizona experts will tell you that you can always rely on the 5 C’s of Arizona: Climate, Cotton, Citrus, Copper, and Cattle. If your profession is along any of those lines, there’s a high demand for it.

Special Tips for Moving to Arizona

Being such a unique state, there are certain tips you will want to know before making the move to Arizona. See below for several tips and tricks you can use while you plan for the logistics of your move.

Compare Out of State Quotes

It’s never a good idea to hire a moving company strictly because they were the first ones you came across online or because they’re close to where you currently live. Doing so will make you pay in a huge way on the backend.

Instead, be sure to compare quotes with several out of state moving companies. This will help you dissect which company can offer you the best rate for your move to Arizona.

You’ll want to make sure that the mover you choose has things such as liability insurance, proper licensing, and responsive customer service before signing the dotted line.

Consider Renting First

Arizona’s housing market is growing by the day. New construction projects and neighborhoods can’t be built fast enough.

While you might want the commitment that buying a house can offer you, there’s no reason to rush! Rather, you could start by renting out a property in your preferred city and taking your time to tour several properties.

You’ll want to consider different things such as proximity to major highways, access to nightlife, and the safety of the community before tying yourself down to a mortgage. You can get a better feel for all of these aspects if you rent first, then search for a house.

Use Temporary Storage

One of the biggest struggles you’ll have during the move is condensing your items. There might be too much stuff to fit into your temporary rental, only to move it all once more after you purchase a house.

Many major moving companies in Arizona will have an option for temporary storage. Be sure to use this to your advantage while you settle into your new living situation in Arizona.

The Arizona movers will help you figure out the logistics of the items you want to be delivered to your new address, as well as those you want to be stored for safekeeping.

Major Cities in Arizona

Perhaps you’re interested in moving to Arizona but are unsure of the city that you want to choose. Maybe your work is transferring you to a city in Arizona you know nothing about.

See below for a brief description of the major Arizona cities and what might attract you to them.


The most well-known city in all of Arizona, Phoenix is centralized in the Valley of the Sun. It is sandwiched between both Glendale and Scottsdale, two thriving cities in their own right.

Phoenix has the largest population of AZ cities, more than twice the size of the second-largest city (Tucson). It’s got access to many MLB spring training sites, as well as natural wonders such as Camelback Mountain.


Although it has less than half the population of Phoenix, Tucson is no pushover. It’s home to the highly-touted University of Arizona, of which it retains many students into full-time residents.

It has many amazing features such as the Saguaro National Park, Sabino Canyon Recreation Area, and Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.


Also making its home in the Valley of the Sun in Mesa, Arizona, which is most known for attractions such as the Arizona Museum of Natural History and Golfland Sunsplash mini golf.

However, it also has natural parks such as the Papago Park and Usery Mountain National Park which call it home.


Chandler is often regarded as one of the safest places to live in all of Arizona. It has a close-knit community with public schools that are above the national average.

It’s well known for the Chandler Center for the Arts, Chandler Fashion Center, and the Chandler ArtWalk. Moving companies are no stranger to Chandler, as it has the highest rate of homeownership in the entire state.


The city of Prescott prides itself on its rich history. It’s the biggest claim to fame is the city’s proximity to beautiful lakes such as Watson Lake, Goldwater Lake, and Lynx Lake.


As previously mentioned, many experts title Gilbert as the safest city to raise a family in the state of Arizona.

It has beautiful nature abound in the form of the Riparian Preserve, Veterans Oasis Park, and the San Tan Mountain Regional Park.

Find the Right Arizona Moving Companies for Your Big Move

Now that you’ve seen an extensive guide into your big move to Arizona, it’s time to find the right Arizona moving companies for your needs.

Be sure to read this article on the four common mistakes that reputable movers in Arizona can help you avoid.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further!

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