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How Much Can You Save by Comparing Different Out of State Moving Companies Quotes?

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Want to determine the best Out of State Moving Companies Quotes? It is crucial to compare them with similar types of Services. Without proper research, comparison and analysis, one can’t conclude the authenticity and efficiency of service.

You are considering moving to another state. A reliable and efficient out of state moving company will ensure you a safe and successful relocation. There are zillions of options when it comes to choosing out of state moving companies. But you can’t hand over this enormous responsibility to anyone like that.

Make an informed and educated decision. It would help if you compared the different out of state moving companies’ quotes and services.

Save on Moving Cost

Things to Consider While Comparing Out of State Moving Companies Quotes

Always remember that the price difference is the most critical aspect of comparing different services. But some additional aspects indirectly help you save money and, more importantly, your valuables.

Comparing services is not an easy job. To make things even more complicated, every service-providing company promises the best possible service. And vows that they offer the lowest price.

Determine beforehand whether or not the service you are looking for delivers what they promise. Or are they just making senseless claims? The reputation of the service you choose is essential so take your time concluding it. Carrying out a thorough inspection of the service not only uncovers many hidden aspects, but a little extra research can save you valuable time and money.

Fortunately, many websites help you compare different out of state moving companies. Using these websites is a good approach. Because by comparing different moving services, you can discard the service providers not meant for you until you find a worthy contender.

While comparing the cost-efficiency of a service, it is equally important to analyze the following aspects of a moving company:

How long have they been providing the service?

You can never rule out the importance of experience in any situation.

A well-experienced out of state moving service will guarantee a safe and secure relocation of your household goods. You can easily track down the record of a company that’s been serving in its industry for quite some time. We recommend you to be wary of inexperienced companies, or you might have to face a lot of difficulties in the moving process.

Do they have a license for the job?

An authentic out of state moving company should have a US DOT number. This is a unique number issued by the United State Department of Transportation (USDT). To ensure the validity of the DOT number of your service provider, search for it in this database.

Are they insured?

Like the license, you need to opt for an ensured service that can pay for your losses in an emergency. An uninsured company puts your valuables at risk, while on the contrary, an insured company is equipped with the latest transportation facilities to ensure that your valuables stay safe.

Also, don’t forget to ask the service provider whether or not your personal items are covered during a move under your homeowner’s or renter’s policy.

Responsiveness of their customer service

It is crucial for an out of state moving company to have a responsive customer service department. When considering a moving company, always choose the one with a cheerful, cooperative, friendly staff.

If the company’s customer service is not responding to your queries, how can you trust them with your relocation?  Keep the following things always in your mind while choosing a moving service:

  • Do they have a positive attitude?
  • Do they have a professional court of conduct?
  • Are they being honest about their services?
  • Do they have detailed knowledge about the out of state moving process?

If the answer to the queries mentioned above is a positive one, then go ahead. If not, then you need to reconsider your resolution. And one thing more, if you notice that the company doesn’t ask you anything about the amount of work required for doing the job but has already given you an estimate, move away from such a company at once. They are bad news!

Check for the Online Reviews

Check the moving company’s website and look for the reviews of the people who have hired them in the past. Always check for the reviews of that company on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This will provide you with a clearer insight into the company’s quality.

Other social websites like Yelp and TrustLink are also helpful online tools for checking the credibility of an out of state moving company.

Customer Rights

Know Your Rights When Comparing Out of State Moving Companies Quotes

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has described the rights of interstate movers in quite a lot of detail. It has regulated some responsibilities over the out of state moving companies.

The main responsibility of the consumer is to select an appropriate moving goods company, as described earlier in the article. It is vital for the person availing the service to be well aware of his contract and the remedies that are available if a problem arises.

The FMCSA has made it obligatory for the moving companies to provide the consumer with the following documents at the time of signing the contract:

  • A written estimate of the moving process
  • A copy of the “Ready to Move” Brochure
  • Information about the mover’s arbitration program
  • A written notice about the access to the company’s tariff
  • The process for handling claims
  • A copy of the booklet “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.”

Compare the Estimates of Different Out of State Moving Companies

Before further discussion, let us inform you that there are two types of estimates, namely:

  • Binding estimates
  • Non-binding estimates

A binding estimate guarantees that the consumer will not have to pay more than the estimate given. But if you add additional services, you might change the estimate to non-binding.

The mover can bill you in case of unforeseen circumstances within 30 days from delivery. Services that are required due to impractical operations will cause the consumer some extra money that he will have to pay at the delivery time.

If the consumer cannot pay the mover ultimately in a binding estimate contract, then the mover can store the shipment at the expense of the consumer until the payment has been cleared.

The mover may charge for preparing a binding estimate document.

Non-binding Estimates

On the other hand, a non-binding estimate provides you with a rough estimate of the amount that a consumer will have to pay. The estimate doesn’t assure the final payment but accurately approximates the charges.

In the case of a non-binding estimate contract, the consumer has to pay the charges based on the actual weight of the shipment, the service provided, and the company’s published tariff. Therefore, you might have to pay considerably more than that mentioned in the estimate.

A non-binding estimate should be written clearly and state all the services provided to the consumer. The moving company can’t charge the consumer more than 110 percent of the initial estimate at the delivery time. The company has the right to charge you if you make delay to make the payment after 30 days from delivery.

Now that the concept of estimation is clear, let’s carry on to the main subject.

Look for the Best Rate

Take some estimates from Out of State Movers and compare different moving companies’ quotes so you can select the service that offers you the best rate. Here are some factors you need to consider while comparing the services if you want to benefit from the offers you have received.

Price is, without a doubt, the most determining factor in a deal that either seals it or breaks it. The final estimated price will strongly impact your decision, which is perfectly normal, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be the only factor you should close your deal upon.

Most of the time, the price quotes are too sweet to be accurate, and it might be possible that there are some hidden charges that you are not aware of.

Check Moving Companies Website

Go to a free moving companies quotes website and choose 3 to 4 moving companies that provide service along your required route. One thing to remember is that it should be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation and insured. After selecting, compare the prices and choose the most feasible one.

Always ensure you decide on the estimate’s agreement in a meeting and never on a phone call. Moving estimates on the phone are inaccurate and far from what you will have to pay. Therefore, it is wise to call the company representative. And show them the goods you need transfer to get an accurate estimate from the company.

Choose Binding Estimate Contract

Always choose a binding estimate contract to save your valuable capital. Even though the contract will charge you for its issuance. But you must be well-prepared and aware of the circumstances of the relocation process. Because, in case of any missed detail, you will have to pay an extra amount. The benefit of the binding deal is that you will save money and pay roughly the same amount as initially stated by the moving company.

Decide on the service provider. Don’t get lost in the quoted price when you forget to evaluate the additional services marked on the quotes. The estimates you have received also might contain information about the additional services the moving company will require to complete the job. Additional services may include packing, unpacking, crating, disassembly and re-assembly of furniture, hoisting, temporary storage, shuttle services, split pickup and delivery, and so on. You will have to pay extra for these services, so choose the service provider carefully.

Scam Alert

Don’t Fall Prey To Scamming

Suppose you have searched for a reliable Free moving companies quotes website. Chances are high that you won’t have to worry about being scammed by fake and dishonest moving companies. Because we have checked all moving companies in our database rigorously in advance. But still, if you encounter a moving company offering meager rates, it’s a potential sign of fraud. Ask the mover about the cheap rates. If he fails to justify with a reasonable answer, then never risk hiring that company.

In the moving industry, reviews of previous clients matter a lot. So if you are looking for quality service at the best possible rate, the most crucial feedback comes from reviews of the people who have availed the moving service from the company earlier. That means you must figure out how to get in touch with their previous customers.

When you complete these steps, you should be left with an experienced and skillful out of state moving company. That offers all the services you need at the best rate.

To get a better idea of which moving company to choose you will have to do an extensive search. Search on a free moving companies quotes website. The nature of the service you require might differ from what most people need.


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