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4 Common Mistakes Moving Companies Help You Avoid

Moving is a nightmare under the best of circumstances, but the frustration and boredom alone isn’t the only reason to consider moving companies the next time you relocate. Without the experience, equipment, and training of a veteran mover, you’re at high risk of any number of mistakes. Just consider these mistakes you get to avoid by relying on moving companies:

1) Injury

The simplest advantage of relying on movers may also be the most important: when you leave matters to professionals, you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself in the process. Unless you’re experienced with lifting, there’s always a good chance of injuring your back with a poor lift, twisting your ankle with a misstep, or dropping something on someone. It’s simply not worth the risk for most of us.

2) Damaged furniture

Dropped furniture hurts people, but it also hurts the furniture. If you’d rather not dent up your favorite cabinet or knock the legs off your piano, it might be best to hire a mover to handle your heaviest and most precious objects. Not only will they be less likely to drop things during the move, they’ll be more likely to store it right for safe transportation, and likely be covered by an insurance policy if fate strikes despite all precautions.

3) Delayed access to important items

When you get to your new home, will you be fast and efficient enough to unload everything in a timely manner? If you have a moving company head there first and unload for you, you won’t have to worry about trying to find the bathroom box for hygiene or the kitchen box so you can fix dinner. It’ll all be unloaded in the appropriate rooms in no time at all.

4) Wrecks and other accidents

If you’re thinking about renting a vehicle to make your move, you might want to stop and think about it very carefully. Driving a big truck — or even a small truck — takes a completely different set of skills from driving a normal vehicle. Even comparing a family van to a small moving truck doesn’t work well. Consider how comfortable you feel hauling things across unfamiliar country in an unfamiliar vehicle.

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