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Long Distance Movers in Idaho

Why Moving to Idaho is a Good Decision

Located in the Pacific Northwest, this state is considered to be the most expansive and one of the least densely populated areas in the United States. Its residents (affectionately called Idahoans) enjoy living in a mountainous state that is considered larger than New England.


Sand locked by Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and British Columbia, Idaho has a plethora of business and recreational opportunities for relocating individuals.

This is also why moving companies Idaho is also one of their major businesses.

Moving companies Idaho

Comfortable Lifestyle

According to basic housing costs, utilities, health care, transport, and other essential requirements, Idaho is the second cheapest city in the United States.


The crime rate is also 21.3% lower than the national average. Plus, when it comes to parks, few states have as much to boast about as Idaho.

The Coeur d Alene’s, for instance, is well known for its scenic bike paths for people who prefer the great outdoors. In-line skaters and road bikers are also frequent visitors due to its flawless 73 miles long asphalt path.


During the winter, skiing enthusiasts flock to the trails to take full advantage of its spectacular slopes and to take part in skiing competitions.


Dedicated Educational System

Idaho is one of the very few states that boast stellar graduate rates each year. 84.7% of adults over the age of 25 have graduated from its colleges. Approximately 64% of the state’s funds are spent on this sector alone and 94% of children attend public schools.


Almost every city within Idaho has a college or university to cater to its higher education system along with six professional vocational institutions.


Pristine Environment

Much of the state’s water supply comes from natural sources like the mountains. The air is always fresh and crisp throughout the year. However, in winter, the residents have to sometimes contend with chilly blasts of air and excess pollen in a few areas.


Affordable Housing

Moving companies Idaho are good to hire if a relocating family has found a reasonable home in the state. Housing costs may vary from one state to another or according to the lifestyle of each city. For instance, a home in Boise can cost $234,904 while one in Pocatello can go up to $156,082. Similarly, an abode in Couer d Alene can cost $222,923 while one in Twin Falls can be for $155,741.

Employment Opportunities

With a strong and varied economy, Idaho possesses state of the art manufacturing and agricultural industries this side of the country. Besides these several, healthcare, retail and corporate entities also open their office doors for job seekers.


Incidentally, these fields offer the most growth compared to other professions. Idaho Commerce and Labor is the first one on the job listings since it has 24 offices (scattered throughout the state) that provide ample opportunities for job enthusiasts.

Moving companies Idaho have their hands full trying to juggle Idaho fans who want to start a new life there. It’s better to get in line now before none are left. Find Best Idaho Moving Companies – Get free Moving Quotes from pre-screened Movers in Idaho, ID, and Save.

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