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Colorado to Nebraska Moving Companies

Key Takeaways:

  • Moving from Colorado to Nebraska means big changes and different costs.
  • The price to move can be from $350 to $5,000. This depends on how much you’re moving, when, and how you move.
  • To save money: get rid of stuff you don’t need, compare moving company prices, pack yourself, and move at a cheaper time.
  • Watch out for extra charges by knowing your moving deal, packing right, and being ready for the movers.

Moving from Colorado to Nebraska is a big change. It means seeing new places and having new experiences. The cost to move can be different for everyone, anywhere from $350 to $5,000. This big price difference depends on a few things like how much stuff you’re taking with you when you decide to move, and how you choose to move. You can pick a moving company to do all the work, move your things yourself, or do a bit of both.

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Moving from Colorado to Nebraska mostly will be charged based on weight or Cubic feet (depending on the size of the shipment). There may be additional charges such as Packing Services, crating, Stair charges, high-value items, etc.

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What Affects Your Moving Cost

Your moving cost can be influenced by a variety of factors, making each move unique in terms of expenses. Here’s an overview of the primary elements that affect your moving cost:

Volume and Weight of Belongings

  • The more items you have, the more it will cost to move them. This is because a larger volume or heavier weight requires more resources, such as a larger truck and more labor.

Distance of the Move

  • The farther you need to move, the higher the cost. Long-distance moves require more fuel, more time on the road, and potentially higher fees for the movers’ travel time and expenses.

Moving Services

  • Choosing full-service movers who pack, load, transport, unload, and unpack your belongings will cost more than partially DIY options, such as renting a truck and doing some or all of the work yourself.

Packing Materials and Services

  • If you opt for professional packing services and high-quality packing materials, this will add to your moving costs. Doing your packing can save money but requires more time and effort.

Timing of the Move

  • Moving during peak seasons (like summer) or at the end of the month can be more expensive due to higher demand for moving services. Off-peak times might offer lower prices.

Access and Maneuverability

  • Difficult access to your current or new home, such as stairs, narrow streets, or the need for a shuttle service, can increase costs.

Additional Services

  • Services like storage, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and special handling for delicate items (e.g., pianos, and antiques) will add to the overall cost.

Insurance and Liability Coverage

  • Opting for more comprehensive insurance coverage for your belongings during the move will increase costs but provide greater peace of mind.

Understanding these factors can help you plan your move and potentially find areas where you can save money. Getting quotes from several moving companies and asking about each of these factors can also help you better understand your final moving costs.

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Saving Money Tips When Moving from Colorado to Nebraska

Saving money during a move requires a mix of planning, comparison, and smart choices. Here are practical tips to help you save on your moving costs:

Declutter Before You Move

  • Reduce the volume of items to move by decluttering. Sell, donate, or discard items you no longer need. Less stuff means lower moving costs.

Compare Moving Quotes

  • Obtain quotes from multiple moving companies. Compare their prices, services, and reviews to find the best value.

Choose the Right Time to Move

  • If possible, schedule your move during off-peak times. Avoid summer, month-ends, and holidays when moving services are in high demand and prices are higher.

Pack Yourself

  • Save on packing costs by doing it yourself. Start early to avoid stress. Use original boxes for electronics and appliances when available.

Find Free Packing Materials

  • Save on packing materials by collecting free boxes from local stores, friends, or online marketplaces. Use newspapers, linens, and clothes to wrap and protect items.

Rent a Moving Truck for a DIY Move

  • If you’re moving a short distance and are comfortable driving a large vehicle, consider renting a moving truck and handling the move yourself.

Enlist Friends and Family

  • Ask friends and family to help with packing and moving. It’s a cost-effective alternative to professional movers, especially for local moves.

Turn Off Services Early

  • Avoid paying for utilities, cable, or internet services you’re not using by scheduling their disconnection a day after you plan to leave.

Lighten the Load

  • The weight of your belongings can affect the cost, particularly for long-distance moves. Sell or donate heavy items like furniture if it’s cost-effective to replace them later.

Tax Deductions

  • If you’re moving for work, some of your moving expenses might be tax-deductible. Keep all your receipts and consult with a tax advisor to see if you qualify.

Book Early

  • Once you have a moving date, book your movers or rental truck as soon as possible. Early bookings often secure better rates.


  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate with moving companies. They might offer discounts, especially if you’re moving during a less busy time.

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly reduce the financial burden of moving, leaving more resources to settle into your new home comfortably.

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Avoid Extra Fees

Avoiding extra fees during a move requires awareness and preparation. Here are strategies to help you steer clear of unexpected costs:

Understand Your Moving Quote

  • Make sure the quote is binding or has a not-to-exceed limit. Understand what is included and ask about potential additional fees.

Pack Properly

  • Avoid packing fees by doing it yourself. Ensure items are securely packed to prevent damage. Movers may charge extra for packing fragile items or repacking improperly packed boxes.

Measure Large Items

  • Ensure large furniture can fit through doorways and hallways at both your current and new home. Disassembly and reassembly services can incur extra charges.

Reserve Parking

  • Ensure there’s parking available for the moving truck near your home. If the movers have to park far away, you could be hit with a long carry fee.

Avoid Last-Minute Changes

  • Changes to your moving date, destination, or inventory can lead to additional charges. Finalize details well in advance.

Be Ready on Moving Day

  • If you’re not fully packed or if the movers have to wait for you to finish sorting your belongings, you could face extra labor fees.

Dispose of Prohibited Items

  • Movers won’t transport hazardous materials, perishables, or plants over long distances. Moving these items yourself or properly disposing of them can avoid complications and fees.

Clarify Elevator Access

  • If your building requires the use of an elevator, reserve it in advance to avoid delays. Some movers charge an elevator fee if they need to wait for access.

Understand the Policy on Stairs

  • Some moving companies charge extra for moving items up or down flights of stairs. Clarify this beforehand and disclose the number of stairs at both locations.

Get Insurance

  • While not exactly a way to avoid fees, purchasing adequate insurance protects you from the high costs of repairing or replacing damaged items.

Check for Transfer Fees

  • If moving long distance, check if there’s a transfer fee for switching your belongings between trucks.

Ask About Payment Methods

  • Some companies charge a fee for using credit cards. Knowing this in advance can save you from unnecessary charges.

Avoid Storage Fees

  • If you can’t move into your new home immediately, you might need storage. This can be costly, so plan your move dates to avoid or minimize the need for storage.

By paying attention to these details and planning accordingly, you can minimize or completely avoid unnecessary extra fees during your move, keeping your expenses as low as possible.

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Colorado vs Nebraska

Let’s break down the comparison between Colorado and Nebraska based on the aspects you’re interested in where they are, the weather, jobs and money, living and fun, cost of living, schools, and getting around.


  • Colorado: In the western U.S. with mountains and deserts.
  • Nebraska: In the midwestern U.S. with flat lands and prairies.


  • Colorado: Mixed. Hot summers, cold and snowy winters.
  • Nebraska: Hot summers, cold winters. Less rain and snow than in Colorado.

Jobs and Money

  • Colorado: Lots of tech and outdoor jobs. Generally pays more.
  • Nebraska: Lots of farming and some city jobs. Lower living costs, so the money goes further.

Fun Stuff to Do

  • Colorado: Great for hiking, skiing, and city life in Denver.
  • Nebraska: Quieter. Good for outdoor fun like fishing, and watching college football.

Cost of Living

  • Colorado: More expensive, especially homes in cities.
  • Nebraska: Cheaper, more affordable homes.


  • Colorado: Lots of universities and good schools.
  • Nebraska: Good universities and community feeling in schools.

Getting Around

  • Colorado: Good in cities. Tricky in the mountains.
  • Nebraska: Easy by car. Bigger roads, less traffic.

In short, Colorado is more about mountains and outdoor adventures with a higher cost of living, while Nebraska offers a quieter, more affordable lifestyle with its own set of outdoor activities.

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FAQ: Travel and Moving from Colorado to Nebraska

Q1: How far is Nebraska from Colorado?

Nebraska directly borders Colorado to the east. The distance between the two varies depending on your exact start and end points.

Q2: How far is it from Colorado Springs, CO to Lincoln, NE?

The distance is about 550 miles, which takes roughly 8 hours to drive.

Q3: How far is Colorado from Nebraska?

Since Colorado and Nebraska share a border, the distance can be as little as zero miles at the border. It varies depending on specific locations within each state.

Q4: What is the distance from Denver, CO to Omaha, NE?

The distance is approximately 540 miles, requiring about 8 hours of driving.

Q5: How far is it from Denver, Colorado to Lincoln, Nebraska?

The drive from Denver to Lincoln is around 500 miles, taking about 7 to 8 hours.

Q6: What are the prices for movers from Colorado to Nebraska?

Moving prices vary widely based on the size of your move, the specific services you need, and the company you choose. It’s best to get quotes from several moving companies for the most accurate pricing.

Q7: How much does it cost to move from Colorado to Nebraska?

Costs can range significantly, from a few hundred dollars for a small, self-managed move to several thousand dollars for a full-service move. Contact moving companies for detailed estimates based on your specific needs.

Moving from Colorado to Nebraska means going from mountains to flatter lands. It’s cheaper to live in Nebraska, and it’s a friendly place with lots of space. Planning your move well can make it easy and exciting to start fresh in Nebraska.

Things to Check Out Before Choosing a Moving Company from Colorado to Nebraska

  1. Research and compare: Start by doing some research to find moving companies that serve from Colorado to Nebraska. Look for reviews and ratings online and compare prices from multiple companies to find the best deal.
  2. Reputation: Research the reputation of the moving companies you are considering. Look for reviews online and ask for references from past customers who moved to Nebraska.
  3. Check for licenses and certifications: Look for companies that are licensed and certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) or a similar organization. This ensures that the company follows safety regulations and has the necessary insurance coverage.
  4. Consider the services offered: Different moving companies from Colorado to Nebraska offer different levels of service. Some companies will do everything for you, while others will only provide transportation. Decide what level of service you need and choose a company that can meet those needs.
  5. Ask about storage options: If you need storage before or after your move, ask the company if they offer this service and what the costs are.
  6. Get a written estimate: Be sure to get a written estimate from the moving company to understand exactly what services are included in the price. This will help you avoid any unexpected costs.
  7. Ask about additional fees: Find out if the company from Colorado to Nebraska charges any additional fees for things like stairs, long carries, or packing materials.

By considering these factors, you can choose a reliable and trustworthy moving company to help with your relocation from Colorado within the United States.

Essential Tips for Moving from Colorado to Nebraska in the United States

  1. Plan ahead: Start planning your move well in advance to ensure that you have enough time to get everything done before moving to Nebraska.
  2. Research your new location in Nebraska: Learn about your new location to get a sense of what it's like to live in Nebraska. This will help you make informed decisions about things like housing, schools, and transportation.
  3. Gather moving estimates: Get estimates from multiple moving companies that operates from Colorado to Nebraska to find the best deal. Be sure to get a written estimate and read the fine print to understand what is and is not included in the price.
  4. Pack carefully: Use sturdy boxes and wrap fragile items carefully to ensure that they arrive at your new home in good condition. Consider labeling boxes with the room they are destined for to make unpacking easier.
  5. Transfer utilities and update your address from Colorado to Nebraska: Make sure to transfer your utilities and update your address with the post office, your bank, and any other relevant parties.
  6. Make travel arrangements: If you are driving to your new location, make sure to plan your route and book any necessary accommodations in advance. If you are flying, book your tickets and arrange for transportation to and from the airport.
  7. Make sure your documents are in order: Make sure you have all the necessary documents, such as driver's licenses and registration for your car, before you move from Colorado.

By following these tips, you can make your plan to move from Colorado to Nebraska as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Main Cities in Nebraska

Name County Land Area
Omaha Douglas County 357,949,418
Lincoln Lancaster County 245,635,068
Bellevue Sarpy County 42,922,033
Grand Island Hall County 77,042,635
Kearney Buffalo County 36,460,761
Fremont Dodge County 26,977,568
Hastings Adams County 37,729,734
Norfolk Madison County 29,231,369
North Platte Lincoln County 34,280,676
Columbus Platte County 26,443,492

Cheap Moving Companies from Colorado to Nebraska

Not all movers operate from Colorado to Nebraska in the US. From the list of moving companies in our database, we have sorted out the moving companies that provide moving services from Colorado to Nebraska.

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Name Address
Whitaker and Sons 50 Locust Ave
Danbury, CT 06810
Gateway Moving and Storage 12747 Olive Blvd., Ste. 300
Saint Louis, MO 63141
Alliance Movers Inc. 1658 Milwaukee Ave., #100-4754
Chicago, IL 60647
Trinity Relocation Group 2300 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33406

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