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Alabama Moving Companies

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Move to Alabama and Enjoy the Sun, Sea, and Air!

Moving Companies Alabama

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The breathtaking mountains and majestic valleys that make up the state of Alabama can be awe-inspiring for new residents. Plus, the shimmering coastline and fresh breezes that are part and parcel of this state can bring out the poet in even the most stoic of individuals.

Known lovingly as the Heart of Dixie, Alabama is known for its hospitable residents and southern charm that endears it instantly to anyone who moves there. That’s why moving companies Alabama are so popular with people who want to move there.

If you are planning to move there, you are in for a treat! This state provides a unique blend of assorted terrain and spectacular valleys for those who prefer the great outdoors. You may have a bit of trouble on your hands at first when you find yourself confused between localities to move to. Perhaps the following information can help.

Top Cities in Alabama


Located in the heart of the Smokey Mountains, Huntsville is surrounded by majestic terrain you have to see to believe. The city is rife with technology-based enterprises that are ripe for the picking for those who are interested in applying for such jobs.

It’s also home to the National Aeronautics Space Administration or NASA’s Space and Rocket Center. Space camp is also available for kids who prefer to walk the stars for their future.


Closer to the edge of Alabama Scottsboro lies right next to Georgia and Tennessee. Even though it isn’t as expansive as Huntsville, it offers a clear passage to the Smokey Mountains.


If you prefer a larger area with multiple towns, then you better move to Shoals. It’s made up of four towns namely Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, and Tuscumbia, and is barely an hour’s drive from Huntsville.

However, you can expect a two hours journey if you head there from Nashville, Tennessee, and Birmingham. Florence is the biggest of the lot and it also boasts the majestic Tennessee River. The rest of the cities are quaint little hideaways each with their own unique outlook.


Located almost in the heart of Alabama, Birmingham offers its residents a large range of fun activities including sports, cultural events, and spectacular shopping opportunities. Besides these, the city is also rife with unique business opportunities, Ivy League colleges, and several urban communities for those who prefer to live in quieter areas.


If the sun, sea, and sand are your ambrosia, then you will not be disappointed with Montgomery. This coastal city is the second largest in Alabama and also happens to be its capital.

This is also the reason why this city is steeped in history, which you can figure out yourself once you set eyes on the majestic old government structures. Using moving companies Alabama to relocate here may be a wise decision.


As the terrain gets flatter, the shoreline becomes larger as you proceed through each city. In Mobile, you may have left the verdant mountain ranges behind, but you can still have the time of your life on its many beaches. This city is world-famous for its old town customs and especially because of the Mardi Gras festival which is held each year there.

So, no matter which type of location you are interested in, Alabama has cities that are sure to please you. Depending on the city you pick, moving companies Alabama can help you get there in time and without hassle.

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