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Getting Ready for Moving Day

As exciting as taking possession of a new home can be, moving your belongings to a different city can be stressful. Especially if you haven’t done your homework beforehand.


With the national economy hopefully improving over the next few years, more and more families will face the need to relocate. Often to new counties or states, and usually with the help of professional movers.


Here are some basics for navigating the world of moving companies.


Before planning any move, take a good hard look at what really needs to be transported plus any special requirements movers will have to meet in accomplishing your move.


To get accurate moving quotes from commercial services you will also need to provide a basic description of the furniture and other belongings involved. A detailed list will eventually be created giving details of each item or box of items and their condition.


Next, take advantage of Internet resources to get actual quotes from top-rated moving companies in your area. The website, for instance, allows you to plug in your personal details and quickly get back no-cost estimates from a variety of movers. The website’s built-in search engine utilizes state of the art algorithms matching pre-screened companies with your stated needs. Reliable quotes are delivered in a neat and easy to understand format.


Before comparing rates between movers understand that long distance moving companies specialize in relocating clients across state lines. And the words “state lines” are key here. If a state boundary is crossed in the process of moving, then it is officially a “long distance” move, and specific rates and rules apply.


It doesn’t matter if the move is only to a neighboring community.


Interstate moves must be handled by licensed moving companies following regulations issued by the federal Department of Transportation. So in considering moving quotes consumers need to keep in mind that general price comparisons between movers simply aren’t valid. Also to be considered is that many long distance moving companies provide full service when it comes to packing your things—and even unpacking them on the other end. And their fees are based on either the total weight of the shipment or the total cubic feet of space involved. Also important, of course, is the mileage between points, any extra insurance opted for, special services, road fees, taxes and other legitimate expenses.


Now might be the time to stop and think about the items you really don’t need or that won’t fit into your new living situation. Beyond those with obvious sentimental value, eliminating items you don’t really need will help keep down moving costs and free you to find uses for the freed up space in your new home.


What delightful new wonders might you be able to fill that empty space with?


If you have kids there are other factors to consider. You’ll probably want to avoid moving in the middle of a school year, for instance. Despite any assurances, no two teachers are likely to be covering the same materials at the same time. Nor will it be easy for your kids to adjust to new school routines while having to find a place for themselves in a new social scene.  Read about Moving with Kids here


But sitting down with them beforehand to thoroughly discuss a pending move helps better prepare them emotionally for change.


Moving with pets presents a set of challenges with fewer potential pitfalls. But be sure and consult with your veterinarian if your pets have health issues. You’ll need to know how best to deal with problems which might come up as the result of the change in your pets’ surroundings and routines. You’ll also need to have a plan which keeps your pets safe and comfortable while in transit. If this is being handled by the moving company they will have a checklist ensuring pets are kept in a suitable environment during transit, given the proper food and water, and kept track of at every stage until finally arriving at your door.


Moving need not be a horrible experience. With a prudent approach, and the planning and experience a professional moevr brings to the challenge—you should have lots of energy to devote to settling in at the other end.


Isn’t that the way you’d prefer it?