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How much does it cost to move from Colorado to North Carolina?

Moving from Colorado to North Carolina can cost between $2,000 and $12,000. This price changes because of a few things like how much stuff you’re moving when you’re moving, and how you decide to move. You can pick a full-service moving company, do it all yourself, or mix both methods.

This guide will make it simple to understand what makes moving costs more or less. Plus, we’ll share tips on saving money and avoiding extra charges, especially if you plan to hire movers in North Carolina.

The pricing below is the average Moving Companies Price Quotes From CO to NC. You Should take these prices with Grain Of Salt As Those are average price quotes

Distance 1 Bedroom 2-3 Bedroom
2770 $2,000-$4,300 $4,300-$8,900

The Cost of your move From Colorado to North Carolina depends on particular needs –

  1. The amount of furniture And items that need to be moved will reflect the base price most movers will charge by cubic feet (size of the move ) some movers will charge by the total weight of the move.
  2. The customer needs packing or unpacking services.
  3. The time of the move usually charges more during the summer as that is the busiest season.
  4. The location of the pickup and delivery is called Truck Parking Access if the truck can park next to the pickup or delivery address or needs to use long carry, or excess stairs more than 2 floors.
  5. Special items need to move like pianos, big mirrors, special TV size, antique furniture, etc.
  6. Prices of Gas and Tolls at the time of the year.
  7. The mileage between the pickup address and to delivery address As you see here the average cost for moving CO to NC.

Average Cost From CONC

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Cost Factors When Moving From Colorado to North Carolina

Moving from Colorado to North Carolina costs vary due to:

  1. Distance: Longer trips cost more.
  2. Stuff: More things mean higher costs.
  3. Service Type:
    • Full-Service: They do everything but cost the most.
    • DIY: You do it all, which saves money.
    • Mix: Some parts you do, some they do.
  4. Extra Help: Packing and special care add to the cost.
  5. Insurance: Protects your stuff but costs extra.
  6. When You Move: Summer and weekends are pricier.
  7. Extra Fees: For things like long walks or stairs.
  8. Demand: Busy times can make it more expensive.

Keep costs down by moving less stuff, booking early, and choosing a cheaper time to move.

average cost of moving company

Get Accurate Estimates for Your Move From Colorado to North Carolina

To get accurate estimates for your move from Colorado to North Carolina, follow these steps:

1. Inventory Your Belongings

Make a detailed list of what you’re moving. The cost is largely based on the weight and volume of your items.

2. Decide on Moving Services

Figure out if you need full-service movers, self-service, or a combination. Full-service includes packing and loading, while self-service means you do those parts yourself.

3. Request Quotes

Contact several moving companies and request quotes. Provide them with your inventory list and details about the services you need.

4. Ask About Additional Costs

Ensure the quotes include extra fees like packing, insurance, or any special handling. Ask about potential extra charges such as for stairs, long carry, or shuttle services.

5. Compare Quotes

Look at the different quotes and services offered. Cheapest isn’t always best; consider reliability and reviews too.

6. Timing

Consider the timing of your move. Moving in off-peak seasons (fall and winter) can be cheaper than during summer.

7. Insurance

Decide on the insurance coverage you need. Basic coverage is usually included, but you might want more protection for your items.

8. Confirm Details

Once you choose a mover, confirm all details including dates, services, and costs in writing.

By following these steps, you can get accurate and comprehensive estimates for your move, helping you to budget effectively and choose the right moving company for your needs from Colorado to North Carolina.

Colorado vs. North Carolina


  • Landscape: Mountains, forests, and deserts. Great for outdoor fun like hiking and skiing.
  • Climate: Dry, varies with elevation.
  • Economy: Tech, research, agriculture, and tourism.
  • Lifestyle: Active and healthy, with a love for the outdoors and craft beer.
  • Cost of Living: Higher, especially in big cities.

North Carolina:

  • Landscape: Beaches, hills, and mountains. A mix of everything.
  • Climate: Humid, mild winters, and hot summers.
  • Economy: Finance, tech, biotech, and education.
  • Lifestyle: Rich in history, music, and arts. Famous for its barbecue.
  • Cost of Living: Lower, more affordable homes.

In Short: Colorado is for mountain lovers and outdoor adventurers, but it’s pricier. North Carolina offers a variety of scenes and climates, with a rich culture and lower living costs.

how much does a moving company cost

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much will it cost?

Expect to spend $2,000 to $12,000.

Q2. Best way to move?

Choose from full-service movers, truck rental, or a moving container.

Q3. How to pick a mover?

Check reviews, get recommendations, and compare prices.

Q4. What to pack first?

Pack rarely used items like decorations and books first.

Q5. How to change my address?

Do it online at USPS or at your local post office.

Q6. Do I update my driver’s license?

Yes, within 60 days of moving to North Carolina.

Q7. Is living cheaper?

North Carolina usually costs less, especially for homes.

Q8. What about jobs?

Good job market in tech, finance, and healthcare.

Q9. What’s the weather like?

More humid in North Carolina with mild winters.

Q10. Unique things to do?

Enjoy beaches, historic sites, and Eastern-style barbecue.

Moving from Colorado to North Carolina is a big change, but it’s also very exciting. You’ll see new places, meet new people, and have lots of fun adventures. Before you move, make sure you’re ready and know what to expect. Say goodbye to Colorado and get ready to enjoy everything new in North Carolina. With some planning, this move can be a great new start for you!

Ways to reduce the cost of moving from Colorado to North-Carolina in the United States:

  1. Plan ahead: Start planning your move well in advance to give yourself time to research and compare prices to move from Colorado to North-Carolina. This can help you find the best deals on things like moving companies, storage units, and rentals.

  2. Get estimates from multiple moving companies: Get estimates from several moving companies that operates from Colorado to North-Carolina to find the best deal. Be sure to get a written estimate and read the fine print to understand what is and is not included in the price.

  3. Consider a self-move: If you have a small amount of belongings, you may want to consider a self-move. Renting a moving truck and doing the move yourself can be significantly cheaper than hiring a full-service moving company.

  4. Downsize: Consider getting rid of items you no longer need or use before the move from Colorado. This will reduce the amount of stuff you have to move to North-Carolina, which can save you money on moving costs.

  5. Pack carefully: Use sturdy boxes and wrap fragile items carefully to ensure that they arrive at your new home in good condition. This can help you avoid costly damages and the need for replacements.

  6. Consider a mid-week move: Moving companies tend to be busiest on weekends, so you may be able to save money by scheduling your move for a weekday.

By following these tips, you can save money on your move from Colorado to North-Carolina and make it more budget-friendly.

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