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Boston Moving Companies: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Boston’s one of the oldest cities in the United States, founded in 1630 and has experienced incredible population growth in recent times. The city currently boasts over 700,000 inhabitants and is the 21st largest city in the country.

As such, Boston moving companies have their hands full assisting people from all over the world as they flock to this exciting, growing city.

Are you facing a work relocation, or considering a move to Boston? Check out this brief Boston moving guide first.


Boston MA


Why Are People Moving to Boston?

Boston’s a diverse vibrant coastal city that’s awash with culture, history, and great shopping. It’s also got an excellent healthcare and education system in place.

The city’s a fascinating place to explore with historical and cultural attractions around every corner. There’s no shortage of festivals, concerts, and sports events to keep people busy too.

The city has acres of green spaces and walking trails and is one of the most walkable places in the nation.

Despite thick snow in winter, the weather’s generally mild. Summer temperatures are around 81 degrees Fahrenheit, while winter lows are usually just below zero.

Like most of the New England states, Massachusett’s is ablaze with stunning colors during the fall months. It’s also filled with some of the most desirable vacation spots in the world, like Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod.

On the downside, the cost of living in Boston is high at around 48% higher than the national average, so think carefully about affordability before you make the move.

Boston’s home of outstanding universities like Harvard, MIT, and Tufts University and has an excellent school system to back these up.  There are over 200 public schools alone to choose from in the city, as well as options for private schooling.

Thanks to the wealth of historical and cultural attractions in Boston, it’s an enriching and rewarding environment for raising children.


Businesses in Boston

Boston has a thriving economy but unemployment remains high in Massachusetts in general. This is partly due to the fact that most available jobs in the city are highly specialized.

The major industries in Boston are:

  • finance
  • high-technology
  • research and development
  • tourism
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Commercial fishing
  • Food processing
  • Printing and publishing
  • Government

Boston’s home to several local finance companies like Fidelity Investments and State Street. Both Liberty Mutual and General Electric are also based in Boston.

Apart from these well-established companies, there are a few thriving up-and-coming businesses in the area too like the biotech startup, Moderna.

There are more than 6,500 Chief Executives in Boston and loads of Financial Managers too. Most of the people in these top posts earn well over $200,000 a year.


Where Are People Moving From?

Around 52% of new residents in Boston move from elsewhere in Massachusetts, while the majority of other inhabitants relocate from Los Angeles, Chicago, and other large American cities.

Despite its drawbacks, Boston’s still one of the best places to live in the state, mainly due to its excellent amenities, healthcare, and diverse environment.

Boston’s on a par with New York City when it comes to the high cost of living, and almost as congested. Most people move from NYC to Boston due to career advancement, for a change of scenery, or to be closer to family.

When compared to Washington, D.C, the cost of living’s slightly lower. Salaries are also slightly higher in Boston, so most people leave the capital in favor of better work prospects in Boston.


Moving Tips From Boston Moving Companies

When you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Boston, be sure to pick a suburb as close to your place of work as possible. Thanks to its high population, getting around the city can be tricky and time-consuming.

It’s vitally important to use a local moving company when moving to Boston. These professionals know their way around the complicated streets of the city and can help you negotiate the narrow staircases common to most downtown apartment buildings.

If you’re lucky enough to be moving into an apartment with an elevator, remember to reserve the use of it during your move, or run the risk of incurring extra ‘stair charges’.

You’ll need to arrange a parking permit for the moving van or ask the moving company to arrange this for you. Don’t take chances, if the movers get a fine for parking illegally during your move, they’ll add it to your bill.

Most Boston moving companies charge by the hour, so you can save some money by packing your own belongings. Long-distance movers usually charge by weight.

Make sure your chosen movers have the necessary certificate of insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Boston building owners will check these details and can put a stop to your move if they’re not satisfied.

The peak season for Boston Moving Companies is around September 1, when most college students start school. Avoid this time of year if you want to enjoy slightly lower rates and a better chance of getting the date you want.

You can arrange to connect your utilities with the following places in Boston:

  • The Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC)
  • Eversource, Constellation, and Direct Energy for electricity
  • Internet and cable providers include Xfinity, AT&T, RCN, and Verizon
  • Boston’s Department of Public Works handles trash pickups

You can’t apply for a residential parking permit unless your vehicle’s registered and insured in Massachusetts, so finalize this as soon as possible.

If you’re going to be commuting via car, buy an EZ Pass which will streamline your progress through the many tolls in the city.


How to Find the Best Moving Companies in Boston

Step one in any relocation plan is booking a reliable and efficient moving company. All you planning hinges on what they’re charging you and when they can fit you in.

Thanks to our long-standing history in the moving industry, we can help you compare prices from all the top moving companies  Boston has to offer.

Fill in the easy online inquiry form at the top of this page and we’ll help you find the best mover in town.

Things to Check Out Before Choosing a Moving Company from to Massachusetts

  1. Research and compare: Start by doing some research to find moving companies that serve from to Massachusetts. Look for reviews and ratings online and compare prices from multiple companies to find the best deal.
  2. Reputation: Research the reputation of the moving companies you are considering. Look for reviews online and ask for references from past customers who moved to Massachusetts.
  3. Check for licenses and certifications: Look for companies that are licensed and certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) or a similar organization. This ensures that the company follows safety regulations and has the necessary insurance coverage.
  4. Consider the services offered: Different moving companies from to Massachusetts offer different levels of service. Some companies will do everything for you, while others will only provide transportation. Decide what level of service you need and choose a company that can meet those needs.
  5. Ask about storage options: If you need storage before or after your move, ask the company if they offer this service and what the costs are.
  6. Get a written estimate: Be sure to get a written estimate from the moving company to understand exactly what services are included in the price. This will help you avoid any unexpected costs.
  7. Ask about additional fees: Find out if the company from to Massachusetts charges any additional fees for things like stairs, long carries, or packing materials.

By considering these factors, you can choose a reliable and trustworthy moving company to help with your relocation from within the United States.

Essential Tips for Moving from to Massachusetts in the United States

  1. Plan ahead: Start planning your move well in advance to ensure that you have enough time to get everything done before moving to Massachusetts.
  2. Research your new location in Massachusetts: Learn about your new location to get a sense of what it's like to live in Massachusetts. This will help you make informed decisions about things like housing, schools, and transportation.
  3. Gather moving estimates: Get estimates from multiple moving companies that operates from to Massachusetts to find the best deal. Be sure to get a written estimate and read the fine print to understand what is and is not included in the price.
  4. Pack carefully: Use sturdy boxes and wrap fragile items carefully to ensure that they arrive at your new home in good condition. Consider labeling boxes with the room they are destined for to make unpacking easier.
  5. Transfer utilities and update your address from to Massachusetts: Make sure to transfer your utilities and update your address with the post office, your bank, and any other relevant parties.
  6. Make travel arrangements: If you are driving to your new location, make sure to plan your route and book any necessary accommodations in advance. If you are flying, book your tickets and arrange for transportation to and from the airport.
  7. Make sure your documents are in order: Make sure you have all the necessary documents, such as driver's licenses and registration for your car, before you move from .

By following these tips, you can make your plan to move from to Massachusetts as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Main Cities in Massachusetts

Name County Land Area
Boston Suffolk County 125,189,069
Worcester Worcester County 96,760,947
Springfield Hampden County 82,540,230
Cambridge Middlesex County 16,557,828
Lowell Middlesex County 35,242,043
Brockton Plymouth County 55,251,230
New Bedford Bristol County 51,792,289
Quincy Norfolk County 42,915,953
Lynn Essex County 27,825,660
Fall River Bristol County 85,765,171

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