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Best Arkansas Long Distance & Interstate Moving Companies AK

Great Reasons for Moving to Arkansas

Located in the Southern region of the United States, Arkansas consists of approximately 50,000 square miles and is also one of the largest localities in the country. With the Mississippi river adding a shimmering silver lining to its eastern border, the state is popular for its rare beauty.


The population is 2 million strong with over 50 people/square mile. Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas, is also considered to be the most populous and breathtaking city this side of the states. Moving companies Arkansas are in huge demand because of this.


Moving Companies Arkansas

The following are some considerations people relocating to Arkansas might be interested in:

Cost of Living

Living in Arkansas is considered to be more cost-efficient than locating to any other state. Not only are the rents and utilities affordable, but the cost of living itself is below the national average. If for instance, a person living in Sacramento, California is earning $50,000, he/she would have the same consumer power as someone who is living in Hot Springs and earning $42,923. This is not the case in Arkansas though.

Major Industries

There are several major industries located in Arkansas that are providing job seekers with a number of employment opportunities on a regular basis. This is also the reason why it’s ranked 8th in the country among other big industrial states. Some of the conglomerates that possess headquarters in this state are Alltel, Wal-Mart, TCBY, and Tyson.

Art and Antiques

Moving Companies Arkansas typically experience a boost in business from art lovers. That’s because this locality is quite famous for its arts and crafts fairs and galleries, which are overflowing with inspirational artworks from all corners of the state. The Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock, for instance, has several small free art galleries in Hot Springs and Eureka Springs.


Besides galleries, the state also has many towns which specialize in the arts as well. The galleries offer an innovative variety of visual artworks that are a testament to the minds of this state’s creative geniuses. With less than 500 individuals in residents, Leslie, for instance, is a charming little town in Arkansas that has its own museum, community theatre, art gallery, and antique store.
Besides this, Mountain View’s and Old Hardy Town’s Ozark Folk Center contain homemade crafts that can rival original works in their perfection. The state renowned Arkansas Crafts Guild has over 300 dedicated artists who specialize in creating traditional and modern works.


Southern antiques are prevalent in this state as well. From antique malls measuring 60,000 to 80,000 square feet, no one leaves disappointed even when they are looking for a rare piece. Additionally, small shops dot the highway and are also present in historical sites. In other words, all kinds of collectibles and antiques are available for purchase from all corners of this state. Large cities within Arkansas such as Little Rock, North Little Rock, Hot Springs, Conway and Eureka Springs have quite a few well-known stores in their own localities.


So, no matter which type of location you are interested in, Arkansas has cities that are sure to please you. Depending on the city you pick, moving companies Arkansas can help you get there in time and without hassle.


Moving companies Arkansas are well equipped to move a family or single individuals to this state if they wish to do so. Find Best Arkansas Moving Companies – Get free Moving Quotes from pre-screened Movers in Arkansas, AK, and Save Up to 50% off your Moving & Relocation services.


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