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Arizona the Grand Canyon State

Grand Canyon State is the other name of Arizona. It is the most impressive and intriguing 48th State, situated in the southwestern region of the United States of America. With a population of 6,392,017 (according to the 2010 Census), this spectacular topographical Canyonland. Its capital city, Phoenix, has rivers, valleys, national parks, cattle, cacti, and sunshine.

The Historical Significance of the State of Arizona

History signifies that Arizona has always been the land of the Navajo and Hopi Indians since time unknown. In 1539, Arizona paved the way for its first visitor, a Franciscan reverend named Marcos de Niza. Numerous missionaries of Spanish origin spread Christianity amongst the Indians who followed him later. But from 1848, after the Mexican war against Spain, Arizona came under the United States’ terrain. Since then, fortune hunters, farmers, traders, explorers, and various kinds of travelers from the West have come here to change their destinies. Till 1886, the scenario was like some wild Western movie with revolting Indians, the battling army, the foreigners, forts, wars, etc. However, after stabilizing this eventful past, it is evident that the land had rich deposits of valuable minerals like gold, silver, copper, etc., attracting many to the State of Arizona, like honeybees.

Grand Canyon State

Due to the lushness of this enchanted land, this place started getting crowded with farmers, shepherds, cattle grazers, and miners who tried to fight each other for their territorial rights. The United States Marshals helped to bring law and orderliness into this prosperous land, thus passing Arizona to join the Union as the 48th State of the United States of America on 14th February 1912. Arizona is from ‘arizonac’ (in Papago Indian), meaning “abode of young spring.” Also, the climate here is arid and hot. Therefore the land seems dry. Hence, some say its name derives from the “arid zone.”

Beautiful and natural wonders of the State of Arizona

Arizona has many stunning, exclusive, picturesque, and significant places to visit. Here are a few of them…

The Grand Canyon

This sizable gash of the earth is 217 miles long, 4 to 18 miles wide, and a mile deep, with the turbulent River Colorado flowing at its feet. The canyons are lavishly spread with enthralling waterfalls and beautiful bluish-green water pools. The sparkling and glistening glass-like marble formation is called the Marble Canyon, and the intense flaring orange stone magnificent formation is known as the Flaming Gorge. This spectacular marvel of nature is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

National Parks and Monuments

Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest are the two remarkable National parks in Arizona. The historical monuments include Pipe Spring, Chiricahua, Tumacacor Mission, Rainbow Bridge, Saguaro and Organ Pipe Cactus Forest, Sunset Crater, etc.

The other wonders include Jerome town, Oak Creek, Superstition Mountain, Apache Trail, Coronado Trail, Glen Canyon Dam, Mount Lemmon, etc.

Outrageous facts…

It is illegal to deny anyone a glass of water or to keep a donkey in the bathtub. You need to serve 25 years of imprisonment if you chop a cactus. No wonder Arizona is one of the fascinating American states.

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Image from PEXELS.