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The sunny and sandy State of Florida

The sunny and sandy State of Florida is one of the most enticing states of the United States of America. This mesmerizing piece of land was first discovered by the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon, in the year 1513. He aptly named it as “La Florida” meaning “land of flowers”.

Sunshine, waves and fun

After being manifested with numerous Seminole Indian battles for centuries, Florida was finally admitted and accepted as the 27th State of the United States of America on March 3, 1845. This “Sunshine State” is sprawled over 58,560 square miles of area, with Tallahassee being the state capital.

The pleasant radiant weather, mild winters, sandy beaches and a wide variety of tourist spots make Florida the most exotic sightseer location in the world. It is a perfect location for water sport fanatics, senior retirees, children and tourists. Florida is popular for several water related sporting activities including golf.

So many attractions

The warm climatic conditions attract senior citizens from all around the country. Due to attractions such as Disney World, Sea World, Kennedy Space Centre, The Everglades National Park, Universal Studios, Florida Keys, Parrot Jungle, Daytona Beach, etc., children and sightseeing enthusiasts are lured to Florida from all over the world.

Some of the major cities in the State of Florida include the most prominent ones like Miami, Tallahassee, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Pembroke Pines,Hollywood, St. Petersburg, etc.The industry that dominates in Florida is tourism, which is closely followed by publishing, furniture, limestone, etc.

Leading tourist attractions in the State of Florida

  1. 1.  Walt Disney World

This legendary, magical fantasy theme park is situated near Orlando. This park enthralls and fascinates kids and adults alike,  due to its multiple entertaining features such as Epcot, The Magic Kingdom, The Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, Hollywood Studios, etc. The fun and frolic of Disney World includes regular parades, rides, fireworks, shopping, camping, eating, drinking and merry making.


  1. 2.  The Everglades National Park

This astounding subtropical wetland covers around 2 million acres and it is America’s third largest national park. It is a thriving haven for wildlife such as alligators, manatees, dolphins and various species of birds including bald eagles. Visitors to the Everglades enjoy activities like hiking, canoeing, boat rides, camping, kayaking, fishing and biking amidst the grassy river, cypress, mangroves, etc.


  1. 3.  Beaches

White sand, blue water and warm sunshine is common amongst the dazzlingly exotic beaches of Florida. Palm Beach, Key West, Fort Lauderdale Beach and South Beach are the most popular beaches of Florida. Apart from water sports these beaches are noted for glamour and style.


  1. 4.  Kennedy Space Center

This space launch site is Florida’s major tourist attraction because it offers bus tours around various space oriented activities and the famous moon rocket display. This huge complex also has a rocket garden, museum and movie theater.

Other attractions include Universal Orlando Resort giving you a preview of Hollywood, Jungle Island, a zoological park, Amelia Island, Key West, Miami, etc.

The State of Florida offers unlimited entertainment to youngsters who are on the lookout for adventure and fun, but it also offers serenity and peace for retired elders who wish to settle down in this beautiful location