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Moving Quote

When you used movingrelocation.com

You will get up to 7 moving quotes from top moving companies .

Here we will teach you how to read and understand the moving quote.

Long Distance Moving Quote.

There is 2 option for moving quotes -binding estimate of cost and non binding

Binding estimate of cost is a form that will fill up by the head movers on the day of the move or by in house estimator before the move.

it will include customer pick up zip code and delivery zip code .

it should states  all services that needed and asked by the customer .

as far as pick up date packing services any shuttle services , moving insurance , any storage ,or any additional services.

You must read this binding estimate of cost and pay careful attention to it.

All services you need and ask should put in writing if you will ask for anything else or need any extra service not on binding estimate form extra charge may occur.

also the binding estimate cost should include inventory list to be done by the  mover.

make sure all your items that you want to move are listed.

Only the items listed are including in the total cost.Any items or additional services added may result in additional cost.

So read it understand and give it some time that will make your move easy and smooth.

One thing is for sure all moving quotes you will get from movingrelocation.com  are from the Best Moving Companies . All movers are Licensed , Bonded, and Insured.  All Moving Companies in our network pass our CERTIFICATION PROCESS.

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