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Long Distance Moving Companies

The moving industry’s Long Distance Moving Companies specialize in relocating clients across state lines.

And the words “state lines” are key here. If a state boundary is crossed in the process of moving, then it is officially a “long distance” move, and specific rates and rules apply. It doesn’t matter if the move is only to a neighboring county mere miles away.

Interstate moves must be handled by licensed interstate moving companies, following regulations put out by the federal Department of Transportation. So in considering moving quotes in such situations, consumers need to keep in mind that past experiences may not be indicators of what to expect as far as prices and procedures.

For one thing, many long distance moving companies provide full service when it comes to packing your things and unpacking them on the other end. They will also charge fees based on the weight of the shipment or the total cubic feet involved. Also important, of course, is the mileage between points, any extra insurance needed, road fees, taxes, etc.

All long distance moving companies (and many of those handling only in-state moves), by the way, must have their rates prominently posted in their place of business.

To receive accurate moving quotes, customers must give a full description of their furniture and belongings involved in the move. An inventory list will be prepared listing details of each item or box of items, their condition, and the minimum liability per pound. There are various types of additional insurance coverage to choose from, should the customer opt for it. regularly checks all long distance moving companies in our network to ensure they are licensed and reputable with consumers.

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