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A Few Good Holiday Moving Tips

Are you trying to move close to a holiday? Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, or the Fourth of July, there are times of the year that the moving industry really isn’t moving, and holidays tend to be when they move the least. It’s not surprising – many businesses tend to close for the holidays, though most are only closed for a day or two, depending on the industry. Some never stop, like fast food, but more and more moving companies and drivers are opting to spend the holidays with their family.

If you’re trying to move during a holiday, or if you’ve booked pickup close to a holiday, you should definitely expect a delay in pickup or transit time. Some companies may offer discounts, but others may make it more expensive – it really depends on who is moving your goods and their policies. If you’re shipping close to the winter holidays, snow and ice can affect some routes, especially in the northern U.S. regions like the Great Lakes and New England. These areas are often hard enough for household movers to ship through, but even more so during the winter. If you can, it may be a good idea to wait until after the new year comes, so carriers have their full attention.

Hopefully, some of these holiday moving tips have helped. If you are trying to find a reputable and reliable moving company to handle your household move, you should fill out our free online moving quote request form. If you do, you’ll get multiple free quotes emailed to you from top moving companies. We vet each company you’ll get a quote from, and we make sure they are fully licensed and bonded and insured. Your goods will be safe and sound no matter which company you choose, and if you have questions about our services, the industry, or simply would prefer to speak to a person to get your quotes, you can contact us any time, toll-free at 888-577-5678.