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Moving Company Quotes

Basic moving quotes are divided into; long distance moving quotes and local moving quotes.


Long Distance Moving Quotes


Moving quotes means to give you, the customer a list of the services that will provided to you along with the move and the aproximate price .

Long distance moving quotes are moves that are  done between 2 states.  Also known as  interstate moves (even if the distance is just few mile its still will fall under the category of  long distance moving quotes )

long distance moving quotes are based on two different ways of charging.  By the weight or by volume, cubic feet.


Moving Quotes by the Weight


Your quotes will be based on the new weight off your snippet .

So you ask; how does that work?

The moving company will come to your place of loading (house apt,office) with a receipt that indicates the weight of the truck  weighted by a certified scale .

This is called the net weight

Then,  they will load your job onto the truck and  drive to the weight scale and weigh the truck again.  That will be the gross weight.

The price of  your move will be based on tare weight which is the “Gross weight – net weight =tare weight”

Here is an Example of moving quotes by the weight:
Moving company charges 0.50 cent per lbs
Truck loaded weight is 20000
Truck empty is 16000 lbs
The tare wight is 4000 LBS

Gross weight 20000 (minus) -net wight 16000 = tare weight 4000

Your moving quotes will be 4000 X $0.50=$2000

That is an example of  a basic moving quote by the weight.

Additonal charges could occur on the quote like packing materials, fuel charges, additional insurance charges, extra labor, hoisting,  Shuttle services.  Make sure you always describe as much details as u can as well as all services that you might need from the moving company to provide at the pick up and destination to get the most accurate moving quotes as posible.

Moving Quotes Online

Moving Quotes by Volume, Cubic Feet 

Most of the time the moving company will come to the place of loading usually with an empty truck with some measurement such as lines
that will indicate the amount of space between every line usually between 200 to 300 cft per line.  Your shipment will load to the truck and in the end you will be able to see how much the exact space used and determine your price .

Moving quotes is based on $3 per cft .
Moving truck  loads lines on the truck indicating  200 cft of space/line.
After shipment was loaded you fill up 4 lines on the truck

Your total moving quotes will be 200 X  4 = 800cft  (x meaning multiply)

Your total moving quote will be 800 cft X $3 (per cft)= $2400

As mentioned above additional charges may occur as far as packing material, Fuel cost and/or shuttle services if needed etc.