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Moving Company Search Engine Expands Services Nationwide

April 18, 2013

Consumer website MovingRelocation.com, which provides comparative listings on local and long distance moving companies, has announced an expansion of its services to cover most zip codes.

“Each month we add new moving companies to our national data base”

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A woman-owned business, the popular site provides free moving quotes from companies offering general or custom relocation services, using a state-of-the-art search engine algorithm and a menu of consumer preferences.

“Each month we add new moving companies to our national data base,” says Nicole Ford, the website’s director. “At present we cover fully ninety-five percent of the zip codes across America—even in the smallest cities and most remote zip codes. We are the top resource of our kind for consumers.”

As per their website, moving companies listed with MovingRelocation.com are first screened to make sure they are bonded, insured and in full compliance with state and federal regulations. User surveys and other industry data are also accessed to determine how well each company has met customer expectations. The MovingRelocation.com search engine will sift through and come up with the best moving companies, which will provide the most efficient quality and prices per moving quote. Customers receive this free and with no obligation.

Ford notes that most companies are eager to retain a high customer service rating.

“The Internet has made it much simpler to compare what consumers are actually saying about individual moving services,” she notes. “We find that most are eager to work with well-known consumer websites such as ours to ensure they maintain a marketing advantage.”

About one in six American households change residence yearly, at average  cost of  $6,400 For Interstate move according and about $1500 For same State Moves Based on  industry sources.

“Choosing a moving company is the opening step in any residential move. But handling that selection in a haphazard fashion can easily add unnecessary expense, hassle and inconvenience. Our listings help consumers make choices logically and efficiently—with all the necessary information right at their fingertips.”

To learn more about woman-owned MovingRelocation.com or to apply to be listed with them, visit their website or phone (888) 577-5678.


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