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Tips for Moving to Chicago and Finding Top Movers in Chicago IL

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States – third-largest, actually, at least in terms of total population, which currently sits at over 2.7 million residents. The city is also the county seat of Cook County, and also anchors “Chicagoland,” known officially as the Chicago, Illinois Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is home to over ten million residents. In other words, moving to Chicago should not be hard to do considering its size and how many people actually move to and from the city every day.

Moving companies like to stay close to major cities and metropolitan areas because of how easy they are to access and how big they are. More people in an area usually means more potential customers for a moving company, especially an interstate one that makes its money by delivering household goods across the country. Those carriers will often pickup a load, drive a ways, pickup another, drive some more, drop the first one off, pickup yet another load, then go to the next drop off location, deliver the second load, and so on. This keeps their costs lower and also reduces empty space on the moving van. Empty space is money lost for a moving company.

When you’re moving to Chicago, keep in mind that your delivery location may not be the easiest to access for a long-distance moving van. This usually means that a carrier company will have to contract with a local mover who owns and operates smaller trucks. Those smaller trucks can often get into areas that a large interstate moving van cannot. But don’t worry – your mover will tell you if it’s necessary, who they contract with, and all the pertinent information to make sure that you can communicate with the new company.

If you are interested in moving to Chicago, take a minute and fill out our free household moving quote request form. It shouldn’t take you more than a minute or two, and it will net you up to eight free quotes from top movers. We know they’re top movers because we do our due diligence ahead of time, which means we make sure they’re all top-rated and fully licensed and insured. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call one of our agents any time at 888-577-5678.