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Nevada – Did You Know?

Gambling, Gold, Wildlife, Fun, the State of Nevada has it all

A blend of spectacular lush valleys and mountains, combined with dazzling innovation of light works added to the serene and tranquil desert land, can be thoroughly enjoyed only in the extraordinarily popular State of Nevada. Whether it is the breathtaking beauty or the entertainment streak, people from all around the world are overly excited and fascinated to visit this silver state.

Discovering Nevada riches

Many influencing factors contribute to making Nevada the most famous and captivating state in America. It has come a long way from Native Americans, explorers and miners – to legalized gambling, business and tourism. In 1848, the United States took over Nevada from Mexico, which was supposedly a part of its terrain since 1820. In 1864, on October 31st, Nevada was officially announced as a state of the United States of America. For thousands of years Nevada was inhabited by Native Americans and was later colonized by European migrants and settlers, who formed rules and regulations.

Even though the land was arid, these settlers cultivated crops and raised livestock. But there was a tremendous growth of inhabitants when it was discovered that the land had rich deposits of gold, silver and copper. Especially, in a place called Comstock Lode near Virginia City where the gold and silver ores were found abundantly. Following closely after Australia and South Africa, the State of Nevada is the third largest producer of gold in the world.

Nevada – the legalized gambling haven of the world

In Spanish “Nevada” means “snowcapped” and “Las Vegas” means “the meadows”. Even though Nevada is endowed with blatant beauty of scenic pine forests, deserts, lakes, planes, mountains and valleys and even though Carson City is the capital of Nevada, travelers frequently visit Las Vegas for pure entertainment and relaxation purposes. This place has magnificently dazzling casinos and hotels in abundance. Since gambling had been reinstated from the year 1931, the State of Nevada has been turned into a tourism goldmine and gambling entertainment hotspot of America.

Gambling apart, Nevada has plenty to offer – it has national and state parks covered in wilderness, where a few of them offer hunting, hiking, boating, camping and fishing. Nevada has numerous ski resorts, golfing clubs and boating destinations. The enchanting Lake Tahoe, the snow laden Ruby Mountains , the incredible Red Rock Canyon, the amusing Great Basin National Park are a few popular places in Nevada.

Fascinating facts about Nevada

–       Las Vegas has a record of marrying an average of 150 couples per month.


–       After Liberty Bell, the first ever invented slot machine, Nevada State boasts of having more than a staggering 200,000 slot machines.


–       Fossil of extinct marine reptile measuring 55 feet known as Shonisaurus Popularis Ichthyosaur has been found in Nevada.


–       The first stealth plane A-12 was developed by the CIA in a secret location called Area 51, close to Las Vegas in Nevada.


–       The federal government possesses 87% of the land in Nevada.


–       The Kangaroo Rat that lives in the Death Valley, Nevada, can stay alive without drinking any water.


Whether you want to enjoy the splendor of luminous casinos or the stark wilderness or bask in the warm sunshine of the glistening desert, State of Nevada provides it all.


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