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A Long Distance Moving Companies Service to Consider

When planning a long distance move there are many options to consider including:

· Self-service

This type of move is when you use a rental truck and have to pack/unpack, load/unload, and disassemble/reassemble all of your furniture on your own.

· Broker

This type of move is when you will find yourself extremely busy and cannot find time to make arrangements, so you can hire a broker to handle all your moving needs. Keep in mind that a broker does not have the necessary equipment such as a truck, packing materials, or professional movers to assist you with your move. Instead, the broker is considered to be an independent agent that works on commission. In addition, just because you hired a broker does not guarantee that they will provide you with the best moving company. Most of the time the broker will choose a moving company based on the commission offered opposed to their reputability. Most importantly, if a problem were to arise during your move, the broker has no accountability.

· Long Distance Mover


This type of move allows you to go online to a web site like ours and fill out your information in less than one minute. After you request a quote online all long distance movers are prescreened for licensed professionals that are also bonded and insured. These professional movers will provide you with a few quotes allowing you to be in charge of making an informed decision. We believe that this type of moving service is the best for saving time and money. Thus, you will also get the best services because these professional movers are prescreened by us. Fill out the form, get instant moving quotes from the best long distance movers in your area, and start saving.

As you can see our emphasis is towards educating you in the different kinds of moving services available to you. This is so we can make sure the job is done correctly.

Good luck with your long distance move.