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How Much Does it Cost to Move Cross Country

If you’re planning to move across the country, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed at times. There’s a lot that needs to be done leading up to a move and it usually includes a pretty solid deadline. Of course you’re stressed! Take a few deep breaths, follow these guidelines and become a master at moving!

First, get organized. Keeping everything in your head is a recipe for disaster no matter how great your memory is. Whatever your style, work it into your move. Make lists, voice memos, phone reminders or spreadsheets. The method doesn’t matter as much as getting it out of your mind and onto something solid. Checking your notes to make sure you’re on track is great but getting all of those tasks off your mind is invaluable.

Get the good boxes. Your neighbor might have a few boxes lying around and the grocery store has a stack of them by the back door but do you really want to trust a box that once carried bananas with your things? No, you don’t. Not even with bubble wrap. Those things are extremely crushable. Get moving boxes that are reinforced to protect your belongings. They cost a bit more but it will be worth it when you open up perfectly square boxes containing perfectly un-crushed dishware.

Next, pack with your future self in mind. Sure, it’s easy to throw all of those coat hangers into a box and keep going but will future you want to unpack that box two weeks and a thousand miles from now? Probably not! Be critical, judge your own stuff and kick it to the curb if you won’t need it six months from now. You’ll thank yourself later.

In General Cost of Moving Cross Country will Determined By

1 size or total move/ weight total move

2 Distance ( short usually cheaper)

3 Time off season move will be cheaper ( moving season are in the summer June to September )

4 Gas Prices

5 Any Extra service need Packing Unpacking special items like piano grand father clocks Arts and delicates items .

6 popularity of the city your move going to ( delivery to main city will be cheaper

Finally, find movers you trust and let them handle the heavy stuff. There are a lot of moving companies out there – finding and vetting the best price and reputation adds more stress that you don’t need. gathers moving quotes from all of the top rated long distance movers in your area for you! You can find the best options online or by calling 888-577-5678.