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Finding The Best Long Distance Mover

A long distance move is by far more complicated than a local move. Long distance moving requires planning, organizing, packing, loading, and shipping the job cross country. The best mover will provide you with a moving quote based on your personal inventory of furniture in order to ensure the appropriate size truck and equipment necessary for your move.

When dealing with professional long distance moving companies, they should ask you for your desired pick up date and also be able to inform you with an estimated time range of delivery. You should also be offered services that include packing, loading, and padding of your merchandise. Most importantly, you need to understand that delivery of your items is only an estimated time frame and can sometimes be delayed. For instance, when your items are moving cross country, delays caused by highway construction or an impassible highway can interfere with your delivery as well as defective vehicles, weather, or simply Mother Nature. Therefore, you should make proper arrangements should your items arrive towards the later part of that time frame.

In order to find the best movers that can satisfy your expectations, request moving quotes with the movers on our prescreened web site. You can also look at some of the National Moving Companies also known as “Brand Names” in the moving industry.  For example or When receiving your moving estimates ask questions that will ensure your understanding of the moving process. Make certain that you provide your sales representative with accurate information pertaining to your inventory, delivery limitations (such as a narrow street), or elevator status so you can predetermine all cost for your move.

When you are comparing services with several moving companies, try not to only focus on the “cheapest mover”, make sure that the company is licensed, bonded, and insured. In addition, if all you are interested in is a “cheap mover”, you may have to pay the consequences of a “cheap job done”.  We recommend that you compare up to 6 long distance moving companies.  All Long distance movers should use very similiar forms for moving estimates.

On the day of the move, make certain that you go over your entire inventory that is loaded onto the truck with the manager on the job. Carefully read the contract and sign in the appropriate sections to ensure that you agree with the terms and conditions of services provided to you. You will also receive a copy of this contract for your records.

During the transaction period of your household goods, you will be given an estimated time frame of when you will receive shipment. For instance, delivery time going towards the East coast is usually between 3-7 business days and for the West coast 7-15 business days from your first ready date. Before you receive your items you will receive a 48-hour in advance notice phone call from the driver in which he will inform you of a date/time of arrival. Finally 24-hours prior to delivery the driver will call again to ensure confirmation that the customer will be able to receive shipment at an established time the following day.

After the driver has confirmed delivery time with you, make sure that you have an exact idea as to how you want the set-up of your furniture in your home once the movers have arrived. Therefore, you do not have to move heavy items on your own after the movers have left. Once the movers are ready to unload all of your household goods, they will ask if you need any assistance with reassembling your furniture. Make sure that this part of the moving process is also planned so you can take advantage of any services that may ease the final process of your move.

Lastly, once you received your shipment you should inspect all of your items and also make sure that you received everything on your inventory list. Although your move is finished your new life has just begun…