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Explaining Moving Estimates

Are Those Moving Estimates Worth The Paper They’re Printed On?


It’s one thing to have a bunch of moving estimates to choose from.  It’s another thing to have a bunch of GOOD estimates to choose from!

Here’s how to tell if your moving estimates are worth the paper they’re printed on:


1.  They include specific details

Since every move is different, your moving company needs to consider your specific details before they give you an estimate.  That’s why you need to make sure there are two zip codes on your estimate — one for the city your belongings are starting out in, and one for the city your belongings will end up in.  After all, even the best moving company in the world can’t give you an exact quote unless they know exactly where you’re headed!

You also need to look for details that make your move unique — like a mention of the four-story walk-up you’re moving into.  (Yes, movers will typically charge extra if they’ve got to climb stairs!)  Or, if you want to buy additional insurance coverage for your belongings while they’re in transit, that needs to be reflected on your moving estimate, too.


2.  They’re binding

You probably want to know what you’re going to owe on your moving costs, right down to the last red cent.  Luckily, good moving estimates can tell you that!

When you sign a binding moving estimate, you’re agreeing to pay a certain price — even if your belongings wind up weighing more than what the moving company quoted you.  (If they wind up weighing less, you’ll only have to pay for the weight you actually move.)  That way, you won’t have to worry about getting an expensive surprise later!


3.  They explain everything

If you don’t know what “basic liability” or “per pound per article” mean, you’re not alone!  There are some confusing terms in the moving world, so a good estimate will spell out everything you need to know.

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