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About Self Service Moving

In our last entry in our “Moving Companies” blog series, we discussed what full service moving is and what you can expect when you ship your goods with full service moving. In this article, we’re going to discuss self service moving and what it is and what it means for you. It’s a bit different than if you went with the full service package, but self service is usually cheaper and sometimes can be faster and more cost-effective, depending on what you’re looking for.

With full service moving your moving company will pack your goods in their own boxes and load it onto their own truck. That’s not the case with self service moving; instead of having professional movers pack your stuff, you have to pack it yourself, and often assist with the loading and unloading. The moving company will still drive the van – they have to, because you can’t drive a long-distance moving van without a commercial driver’s license, so only trained professionals can handle that.

Self service moving is cheaper though because you do a lot of the work yourself. Your movers will show up, but you have to have all your boxes packed and ready to go. We recommend getting top-grade moving boxes from a self-storage company, as many times those big storage companies will have all you need to move. It’s kind of what they do, along with providing storage for people, so places like that are great for getting quality boxes. Make sure to pack your goods properly – you can read more about that in our other blog posts.

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